'The hope of Carson' and what Wentz meant to one boy battling cancer

'The hope of Carson' and what Wentz meant to one boy battling cancer

Being a sports fan can bring out the cynics in all of us. Writing about sports on the Internet often desensitizes many of us to what sports can actually mean to people. But there’s no denying the emotion this story about young Lukas Kusters made me feel.

It’s a story by ESPN about a young kid from Delaware, his passion for football, his love of the Philadelphia Eagles and Carson Wentz, his battle with cancer, and what his bond with a certain quarterback meant to both of them.

Lukas was known as “The Dutch Destroyer” because of his wildly impressive performance on the football field. He was diagnosed with cancer in April of 2016 at 8 years old and went on the fight of his life against it.

Lukas turned to his Eagles fandom and their young quarterback as a source of inspiration.

“We spent a lot of time talking about [Wentz] while we were in the hospital,” Lukas’ mother said. “And the idea of ‘the hope of Carson’ and what it meant for the Eagles was just another piece of inspiration for Lukas in his continued drive to get back on the field himself.”

Lukas received a special video message in his hospital bed from Wentz. It is impossible not to get emotional watching what it meant to Lukas.

The Make-a-Wish Foundation got involved and asked Lukas if there was anything he most wanted to do, and the youngster’s response was that he simply wanted to thank Carson.

Lukas got the opportunity to spend the day at the Eagles’ facility with Carson and he got to do just that, giving Wentz one of his Dutch Destroyer bracelets in the process.

Lukas lost his battle with cancer and was buried in his Wentz jersey. But if you’ve noticed Wentz’s wrist this season, you’ll see that Dutch Destroyer bracelet.

“It’s so much deeper than football,” Wentz said. “It’s so much more than just a game.”

Eagles players react to seeing Gritty for the first time


Eagles players react to seeing Gritty for the first time

So by now, you’ve had a chance to react to Gritty, the Flyers new colorful mascot.

Chances are, you’ve got a lot of thoughts. Same.

So do the Philadelphia Eagles.

The team’s social media account posted a video on their Twitter Wednesday of the players reacting to the new mascot and heir reactions are…um, varied.

Swoop is excited, some players are confused, Brandon Graham finds it hysterical and others, like Jordan Matthews, love it. Check out the full video for yourself below.

Eagles players, they’re just like you.

A 'Gritty' beer, dedicated to Flyers' mascot, is already in the making

A 'Gritty' beer, dedicated to Flyers' mascot, is already in the making

Everybody loves Gritty now, right?

OK, cool.

The Gritty wave is reaching all kinds of levels now with a beer dedicated to the Flyers' new mascot, who was just introduced to the world less than 30 hours ago.

Broken Goblet Brewing, in Bristol, Pennsylvania, announced Tuesday, as we discovered on Reddit, it will release "Nightmare Fuel" on Oct. 13.

It sounds like a tasty beverage with a punch of Broad Street Bullies.

And, of course, with a ton of grit, as you can see by the image:

Here is the detailed description:

We just had to. Saturday, October 13th, we will be releasing NIGHTMARE FUEL, a lightly hopped Cream Ale brewed with vanilla and “bruised and bloodied” oranges. Resin and pine from the Chinook addition, and a touch of Saaz hops accent the sweetness of the vanilla and the tart orange in this fluffy ale. Very special limited edition crowlers will be released as well as draft. Special shout out to our friends on FB for the funny names and beer ideas! Extra special thanks to Mark Salmon who - ONCE AGAIN - comes through with the art in blazing speed.

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