Two social media giants in the sports world, but only one victor.

The only problem? Both guys are declaring themselves the winner.

Joel Embiid and Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba played some pick-up basketball Monday and each guy had their own highlight-reel moment from the 1-on-1 matchup. Pogba was the first to claim victory, proclaiming that the game was "over" after draining a free-throw-line jumper over the Sixers' big man.

But it wasn't long until Embiid fired back. Just two hours later, he posted his own video of an easy-looking one-handed slam against the soccer superstar.

The two are pretty good friends and were seen last week in Los Angeles as Manchester United began its United States summer tour with a stop in L.A. to play the Galaxy.

Although Embiid's social media following is pretty big, it pales in comparison to that of Pogba — Embiid has 813k followers on Twitter and one million on Instagram, whereas Pogba boasts a massive following of 3.52 million and 16.5 million on the two sites. Maybe The Process picked up some tips from one of his buddies along the way.

Getting scored on by Pogba wasn't the only defeat Embiid suffered on Monday either.

The team over at NBA 2K asked Embiid what he thinks his overall should be in the video game's 2018 edition.

After Embiid stated that he believed that he was "the best defender in the league" when on the court last season and listed off his array of talents, he reached the conclusion that his overall should be "at least a 95."

When his actual rating of an 86 was finally revealed to him, Embiid was expectedly not too thrilled with it.

If Embiid is able to remain healthy and build on his stellar play from his rookie campaign, his 2K rating could even soar past a 95.