We all know Joel Embiid is a man of the people, a lovable fan favorite in Philadelphia.

But he missed out on a chance to earn another big fan Sunday night.

At his concert at the Wells Fargo Center, Drake brought Embiid on stage with a chance to win $25,000 for a fan if he made a half court shot.

The night before, a fan nailed the shot from half court.

Given that Embiid is, you know, an NBA All-Star, and that fan is not, you'd think he'd have a pretty good chance.

But anything can happen on a half court shot, and things unfortunately did not go as planned for Embiid, who also missed his two lower-stakes shots before the big $25,000 attempt.

After the disappointing miss, Drake, a Raptors superfan, still made sure he gave Embiid his props.


"The good news is you're going to have a great season with the Sixers," he said.

Training camp opens for the Sixers on Thursday with media day. The team's first preseason game is Sept. 28 at the Wells Fargo Center against Melbourne United.