Joel Embiid runs Philadelphia ... literally

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Joel Embiid runs Philadelphia ... literally

There are certain things you expect to see at a traffic light in Philadelphia.

SEPTA buses, food carts, people on bicycles/skateboards/dirt bikes and … NBA centers working on their cardio.

That was the case on Monday night as a Lyft driver caught Sixers center Joel Embiid jogging through the Philly streets.

Per the video (via Sports Illustrated), the driver was sitting at a red light in the city when a large man in basketball gear came running by with another individual. At the same moment, the driver received a request for a ride that took him in the direction of the runners. 

When the car caught back up with the pair, the driver’s suspicions were confirmed when he saw a person in a pickup truck driving alongside the runners and having a conversation with the big man.

Without the angle to get over, the Lyft driver could only blurt out the first thing that came to mind, “Yo, trust the process. I love you.”

Embiid acknowledged the driver by raising his hands in the air as he continued his run.

Basketball never stops and neither does the process.

Watch the entire encounter in the video below.

You have to see this terrible Phillie Phanatic costume


You have to see this terrible Phillie Phanatic costume

October is rapidly approaching, which of course, includes the wonderful holiday of Halloween.

If you’re looking for that perfect costume that absolutely does not even slightly resemble your character, look no further.

Behold, this company is advertising a Phillie Phanatic costume for the low price of $399.99 that literally looks nothing like the most beloved mascot in all of Major League Baseball.

We have many questions about what exactly went into the design of the costume, which is actually on sale, but you can see it for yourself right here and below:

So if you’ve got $399.99 to spare and are looking to dress up as the Phanatic, we do not recommend buying this one.

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Couple has amazing Eagles Super Bowl wedding cake


Couple has amazing Eagles Super Bowl wedding cake

For better teams or worse. In bad seasons and good. In sickness and in Super Bowl champions.

That’s how that goes right? Maybe at least for this couple.

Ron and his new wife Megan truly found a way to put the icing on the sweet, sweet cake of the Eagles winning the Super Bowl.


They designed an amazing custom Super Bowl LII championship cake, complete with an entire layout of the "Philly Special."

Check out their incredible cake below, and congratulations to the happy couple.

We’re glad you guys have two things to celebrate this year. We wish you a lifetime of happiness and many more Super Bowl wins.

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