Joel Embiid sets record straight on his feelings on Lonzo Ball

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Joel Embiid sets record straight on his feelings on Lonzo Ball

While Joel Embiid's performance on the court hasn't been quite as dominant as Sixers fans had hoped for early in the season, at least JoJo is still in good spirits, having fun trash talking pretty much anybody in the league.

As we've said in the past, Joel Embiid is the Joel Embiid of trash talking

Hassan Whiteside was the first addition to the rivalry list, then Andre Drumond. Then just this past weekend, Embiid said he loves trash talking with Draymond Green. That didn't end very well for Joel on Saturday night, though.

But there's something unique to the way Embiid does it. There isn't a lot of vitriol in his words. He's more of a lighthearted trash talker who wants to dunk on you and then take you out for a Shirley Temple after the game to make fun of you for it.

It's not particularly better or worse than trash talk with some actual disdain to it. Heck, Embiid hasn't even played long enough to develop a real heated rivalry yet. It's just Embiid's nature to be friendly about it.

It looked like Lonzo and LaVar Ball could maybe have provided that rivalry early on when Embiid poked some fun at the Laker on draft night.

But even that hoped-for reheating of the once-great Lakers-Sixers rivalry has received a dousing of cold water and a sprinkle of love from Embiid.

ESPN's Ramona Shelburne spoke to Embiid about his feelings on the Lakers' rookie.

"I love Lonzo," Embiid told ESPN. "The whole situation with them, I think it's just fun. I love what he's doing, especially with his own shoe. He's staking his own place. People think I hate him, but I love him."

Ugh. I guess JoJo will leave the Lakers-hating up to us.

Embiid also said his draft night tweet was simply an attempt to be funny and that there's no hard feelings between him and the Balls.

The Sixers will take on the Lakers on Wednesday night at the Staples Center in LA where we'll get our first chance to see if Ben Simmons will actually dunk on Lonzo's head and how hard.

All eyes will be on LaVar when it goes down.

Blue Jays bullpen overhears apparent breakup, tweets to offer help

Blue Jays bullpen overhears apparent breakup, tweets to offer help

There’s nothing like taking the person you love to a baseball game on a sunny, 80-degree night in Philadelphia. Unless you just so happen to break up with that person, in public and loud enough for the entire Toronto Blue Jays bullpen to hear you.

Looks like you’ve got a chance to make up and get an outside opinion from several members of a professional baseball team!

If you happen to know this couple, let them know that the Blue Jays are looking for them and a happily-ever-after ending could still be in reach.

If not, there’s always "The Bachelor."

Joel Embiid throws down playground dunk on poor soul

Courtesy of @FeliciaRicci Twitter account

Joel Embiid throws down playground dunk on poor soul

Where's Waldo?

How about Where's JoJo?

It's always awesome when Joel Embiid pops up around the city.

Let's be honest, it's hard to miss the Sixers' 7-foot-2 big man.

Like the time he was playing ball on the playground by Pat's and Geno's. Or the time he was just casually going for a run through the Philly streets.

Embiid was back at it Friday, hoopin' on the blacktop and dunking on a poor fella that had zero chance but gave good effort. According to the Twitter account @FeliciaRicci, who captured it all, the park was near Whole Foods on South St.

And later in the evening, Embiid was clearly tuning into Game 6 of the Cavaliers-Celtics Eastern Conference Finals series. He had some fun on Twitter, of course, stemming from a tweet he sent out earlier in the week.

Not a bad way to kick off the holiday weekend for Embiid.