Joel Embiid: 'They can't #$$#%^^ guard me'

Joel Embiid's performance Wednesday was loud and clear.

He had a few words to say, too.

Making his much anticipated return to game action, the big man was in a serious groove during the Sixers-Nets preseason game.

Already dominating the first half, Embiid nailed a 12-footer through contact late in the second quarter with the Sixers in complete control.

Embiid pumped his fist and then stated the obvious.

"They can't f****** guard me," he said, before repeating it a few more times.

They certainly couldn't. Embiid put up 22 points and seven rebounds in the 14:45 he played of the Sixers' 133-114 win (see observations).

Imagine what he does in a full game.

For the full highlights of Embiid, watch the video above.