Jordan Hicks had the same awesome reaction to Philly Special 2.0 as Eagles fans

Jordan Hicks had the same awesome reaction to Philly Special 2.0 as Eagles fans

Plenty of people on Twitter and watching the Eagles' season opener on television joked about Doug Pederson opening up the first offensive drive of the game with the "Philly Special."

They didn't actually think he'd do it, but it would have been hilarious.

Pederson didn't end up opening up the game with the Philly Special, but he did break out another similar trick play, this time called "Philly Philly," later in the game.

Nick Foles caught a pass from Nelson Agholor for a first down and fans were going crazy. It was a beautiful sight.

The fans weren't the only people who loved it. The Eagles' defensive players on the sidelines were loving it as well.

The NFL Films crew, who famously captured the moment Foles and Pederson decided to run the Philly Special in the Super Bowl, had linebacker Jordan Hicks mic'd up on Thursday night when the Philly Philly play was called.

Safe to say he was digging it.

You can see more of the Mic'd Up segment tonight at 6 p.m. on the NFL Network. I'll watch every single Eagles player reacting to that call. On repeat. For the entire evening.

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This is how bad things are going for Chip Kelly

USA Today Images

This is how bad things are going for Chip Kelly

Things are not going well for Chip Kelly. We feel terrible about it.

After unsuccessfully trying to destroy the Eagles and 49ers, Kelly took some time off from coaching to try his hand as a football analyst with ESPN. Well, he’s back coaching and at least one person is very upset about it.

Kelly joined a struggling UCLA program, coming off back-to-back losing seasons under Jim Mora, with the hope of turning things around. They’re off to a terrible start.

Kelly was 46-7 as the head coach at Oregon and his offense was second to none over those four seasons. The Ducks finished in the top five in each of his last three years, too, so I’m sure there was a tremendous amount of excitement in L.A. upon Kelly’s arrival. Things have turned pretty quickly after a horrendous 0-3 start, with two losses coming at home.

So bad, in fact, that Michael Robinson, the father of UCLA freshman QB Dorian Thompson-Robinson, took to Twitter to express his frustrations under the very appropriate handle of @DoriansDAD. 

I know people probably came here for the Kelly hate, since his run in Philadelphia was so weird. But I think people need to consider that Kelly is rebuilding a program that has been barely relevant in the past 20 years and has tremendous competition with recruiting powerhouse USC right in its backyard.

Kelly is off to a terrible start, for sure, and it’s kinda funny that the QB's dad took to Twitter to rip him, but there could be a different story in a few years if Kelly can work his Oregon magic again.

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Behind the scenes of Eagles Super Bowl ring ceremony

NFL Films

Behind the scenes of Eagles Super Bowl ring ceremony

The Philadelphia Eagles are off to something of a bumpy start to their title defense season. So there is no time to look back at anything at all related to their Super Bowl victory. Focus on the future, right?


Who are we kidding? Birds fans are going to bask in the Super Bowl championship for as many days, weeks, months, or years as they wish.

NFL Films, lowkey MVPs of the Eagles magical run last season, put together a fantastic segment on the players receiving their Super Bowl LII rings back in June.

The emotion on Jason Peters' and Fletcher Cox's faces or the tears building up in Carson Wentz and Doug Pederson's eyes shows just how much that Lombardi Trophy and those rings meant to that team and the city of Philadelphia.

"First in Eagles history! They got to remember us forever."

And we will.

You can watch the segment below.

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