Plenty of people on Twitter and watching the Eagles' season opener on television joked about Doug Pederson opening up the first offensive drive of the game with the "Philly Special."

They didn't actually think he'd do it, but it would have been hilarious.

Pederson didn't end up opening up the game with the Philly Special, but he did break out another similar trick play, this time called "Philly Philly," later in the game.

Nick Foles caught a pass from Nelson Agholor for a first down and fans were going crazy. It was a beautiful sight.

The fans weren't the only people who loved it. The Eagles' defensive players on the sidelines were loving it as well.

The NFL Films crew, who famously captured the moment Foles and Pederson decided to run the Philly Special in the Super Bowl, had linebacker Jordan Hicks mic'd up on Thursday night when the Philly Philly play was called.

Safe to say he was digging it.

You can see more of the Mic'd Up segment tonight at 6 p.m. on the NFL Network. I'll watch every single Eagles player reacting to that call. On repeat. For the entire evening.

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