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Kevin Hart shares hilarious drunken videos from Super Bowl

Kevin Hart was an Eagles fan at the Super Bowl in Minneapolis so you know he was enjoying himself on Sunday night.

Maybe a little too much.

(Nah, probably just enough.)

Eagles fans watching at home got a glimpse of Hart attempting to sneak onto the championship podium right before Jeff Lurie was handed the Vince Lombardi trophy after the Birds defeated the New England Patriots. Security wasn't letting the little guy up there though. You can see that around the 2:30 mark in this video.

Hart posted his first video following the game with a hilarious explanation. He wasn't wearing socks and definitely appeared tipsy.

“To all the kids out there I just want to say ‘don’t drink.’” Hart said. “Me trying to go on stage with the trophy was definitely in the top two stupidest things I’ve ever done but who cares, the Eagles won the Super Bowl.”

The man has a point. Who cares?!? The Eagles won the Super Bowl. Have fun out there. Just don't hurt anybody, just like those of us back home on Broad Street.

Hart followed that "apology" up with another video showing just how he got so hammered during the game.

It included this caption:

All I can do is laugh....We had a blast yesterday at the game. I treated my entire team to the Superbowl....I love the shit out of my brothers!!!! This tour is about to be insane....Click the link in my Bio & get your tickets to my "Irresponsible Tour" ASAP!!!!! #irresponsibletour#ComedicRockStarShit #LiveLoveLaugh#ImDoneDrinkingForaLongTime#ImStillHungOver .....P.S me in the huddle with the players might be the funniest shit ever.....I still can't believe we won the Superbowl....Im so damn happy for my city!!!!!!! Get yo tickets damn it!!!!! #irresponsibletour .....P.S again....Peep the way I told my security to stop worrying about me and to stay with my wife and then I got jumped by the football players in the huddle....I got pissed when they rubbed my head for some reason😂😂😂😂 I cant stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂 #irresponsible

He just so happens to be launching his Irresponsible Tour this week. That's good marketing.