Is Korkmaz the new Delaware yo-yo?

If you spent anytime on I-95 between Philadelphia and Newark, Delaware today, there’s a chance you came across 76ers swingman Furkan Korkmaz.

At 10:15 this morning, the team sent out this release:

Not a huge surprise. He’s behind a few players on the depth chart. It will be good to get him some healthy game minutes, and bring him back if they needed him to fill in.

But no more than four hours later…

What in the name of Lorenzo Brown is going on here? Korkmaz’s tenure in the First State was nearly as short as Mo Williams’ 76ers career. Our 76ers beat reporter Jessica Camerato fills in the blank:

I’m curious if Markelle Fultz asked him to hit the Chick-Fil-A at the Christiana Mall on the way back.