Latest LeBron odds show uncertainty

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Latest LeBron odds show uncertainty

Let’s be honest, no one knows what’s happening with LeBron James. Not even the oddsmakers.

Throughout James’ free-agency saga, we have stayed up to date on what the odds from various sportsbooks around the world have offered on where he would sign. Here’s a new slant, no more odds.

Popular online sportsbook OddsShark has flat out given up at the moment and for good reason. With all the uncertainty, OddsShark doesn't want to lose money.

With free agency officially opening up today, reports have been swirling about a number of teams, including the Sixers (see story), and oddsmakers see great risk in offering odds.

The Sixers have been up-and-down the oddsmakers boards, but what matters most is that we will soon find out where James will be taking his talents.

Nick Foles is the future for the Eagles

Nick Foles is the future for the Eagles

I don't need to say it, because everyone who watched the Eagles game Sunday night saw it. 

Nick Foles is the future of the Eagles' quarterback position. 

Just look at Sunday. The team scored early. Receivers were open, with players other than Zach Ertz actually catching the ball. Much like the days of A.J. Feeley, Koy Detmer, Jeff Garcia, and Kevin Kolb, the offense just seemed to run better with Foles in the game. 

And it wasn't just the offense. With Foles in the game, the defense played better. The special teams played better. The food I ate during the game tasted better. 

I know what you're gonna say. It's too soon to give up on Carson Wentz. He's their franchise quarterback. 

To that, I say, please. 

Carson Wentz can't be trusted to stay healthy. He makes too many mistakes. The offense always runs better whenever someone else replaces him. And now, we're hearing that he's not happy about not playing. 

How many playoff wins does Carson Wentz have? How many championships? Huh? Exactly. 

With his obvious discomfort with not playing, Wentz is starting to remind me of a certain other No. 2 overall pick. What's next? Chunky Soup commercials?  A feud with one of the wide receivers? 

A caller the other day said it best. Wentz “wants it too much,” but he hasn’t been surrounded by enough other players who are “hungry." 

Just look at the Eagles with Foles on Sunday. He shut Cris Collinsworth up. The Eagles exposed Sean McVay, who's the most influential offensive genius to arrive in the NFL since Chip Kelly. For one of the first times this year, there was nothing to anger me, except for when they showed Norristown native Tommy Lasorda wearing Rams stuff. I know I'm not alone in wishing we could have more Eagles games like Sunday, and fewer like all the ones where they blew it. 

Sure, I gave up on the Eagles when they were 4-6, and again when they were 6-7. I was done. But luckily, I reserved the right to come back if they started winning. And they did!

So come on, Eagles. Sign Foles to a multi-year extension. Just so there's no division in the locker room, let everyone know right away that he's the guy. Because the Eagles are running out of time, to win another championship during Nick Foles' window. 

Other Philly sports takes: 

-The Sixers aren't looking so good lately, which you can tell is Kendall Jenner's influence. Someone should ask Markelle Fultz's lawyer if he's almost ready to come back. 

-I can tell you that if I had $1.6 billion, I'd be much better at spending money than John Middleton is. There's just no excuse for coming out of the winter meetings without Bryce Harper, Manny Machado OR Mike Trout. 

-Is it really that hard for the Flyers to find a coach or GM who played for them? 

-After the game Sunday, I only have one question: Should the parade to go up Broad Street again, or does it make more sense to go south this time, and end up at the stadiums?

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Doug Pederson channels his inner 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin after Eagles' win over Rams

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Doug Pederson channels his inner 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin after Eagles' win over Rams

Doug Pederson definitely knows how to fire up the boys.

Pederson is a player's coach and we've seen him motivate the Eagles with his postgame speeches. That leadership led the "underdog" Eagles to a Super Bowl LII victory last season.

The Eagles are trying to make another run and they helped themselves with a major upset of the Rams, 30-23, on Sunday Night Football.

Pederson summed up just how every Eagles fan was feeling after that victory when he channeled his inner "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in the team's LA Coliseum locker room.

As you can see, just like "Stone Cold."

If the Eagles beat the Texans next week, Pederson should crush a few cold ones over his head and toast the victory.

He's got a week to practice.

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