The war of words may never end.

At least it's going to have to be Joel Embiid and the Sixers who will have to take the high road if they don't want LaVar Ball clapping back. Because you know he's always going to clap back.*

Following the whole Olivia Simmons thing a couple of weeks back coupled with Ben and Joel ripping on LaVar Ball on draft night, LaVar said some unkind things about the Sixers which Embiid was then asked about during an Instagram Live session. He said F--- 'em.

And today we have a response from LaVar, courtesy of TMZ who got it on video.

"The reason he said that... he got three words because his vocabulary is limited. You gotta use cuss words when you've got no intelect," LaVar said.

Then, in a beautiful twist, he ripped on Embiid's intelligence while demonstrating his own lack of it.

"He's not intelligent at all. He's worried about me, he should be worried about playing. I got three words for him: 'Can't play at all.' Oh shoot, that's four."

"He's small change."

The drama continues. Now just give me some Lakers vs. Sixers basketball, please.


*side note: what does "clapping back" actually mean? Where did it come from? I just say it without really knowing what it means.