Looking back fondly on Torrey Smith’s Eagles tenure

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Looking back fondly on Torrey Smith’s Eagles tenure

Everybody knew Torrey Smith was a goner. That doesn’t mean Eagles fans should be quick to forget the veteran wide receiver, either.

The team may not have won the Super Bowl without him.

Was Smith the oft-targeted vertical threat the Eagles envisioned? Almost certainly not. Was he the second or third or even fourth option throughout last season? Can’t honestly say that.

Are the Eagles going to miss Torrey Smith?

Maybe a little.

Traded to the Panthers for Daryl Worley on Friday, Smith’s departure was preordained. Known as somewhat of a one-trick pony, it was going to be difficult to live up to the $5 million salary he was paid. The Eagles are up against the salary cap, and he signed a contract that acted as a series of one-year deals, making for a convenient break.

Smith wasn’t even elite in the one area he was supposed to make a difference – going deep. The 29-year-old finished 2017 with 36 receptions for 430 yards, a pedestrian 11.9 average, two touchdowns, and a string of memorable dropped passes.

It was not the type of campaign that endears a professional athlete to the masses, least of all in the city of Philadelphia. Yet, when it mattered most, Smith delivered.

During the regular season, Smith was frequently irrelevant or seemingly absent from the game plan entirely. Once the playoffs rolled around, however, he was the No. 2 wideout the Eagles thought they were getting all along.

Smith racked up 13 receptions for 157 yards and a touchdown in three postseason games, making at least one notable play in each.

Against the Falcons, Smith’s awareness proved key, turning a deflected pass into a 20-yard catch to help set up a key field goal before halftime. He made one of the plays of the year against the Vikings, hauling in a 41-yard flea-flicker and staying inbounds to cap a rout in the NFC Championship. Then in the Super Bowl, Smith set the tone on the Eagles’ opening drive with a 15-yard helmet catch reminiscent of David Tyree – arguably one of the 10 biggest plays of the game.

By the time the season was over, any frustrations there might’ve been with Smith’s performance were addressed with huge, clutch plays when they counted.

Chances are people will forget Smith even played for the Eagles as time passes. It was a mostly forgettable season, finishing eight games with one or zero receptions.

That’s not the way it should go down. Smith was a regular and valuable contributor during the Eagles’ postseason run. They don’t necessarily win two of those three games without him.

The drops are what stick out to some people, along with the calls to replace him and his general lack of impact most weeks. But Smith was a great presence in the locker room all year, then became a legitimate weapon in the playoffs.

His departure was necessary and inevitable, but Smith’s time with the Eagles should be remembered fondly.

Fan injured by Phillie Phanatic's hot dog cannon during game

Fan injured by Phillie Phanatic's hot dog cannon during game

This is taking food delivery a bit too far.

A woman suffered facial injuries when the Phillie Phanatic fired a hot dog into the crowd with his cannon during Monday night’s game at Citizens Bank Park.

“And then the next thing I know he shot it in our direction, and bam! It hit me like a ton of bricks. My glasses flew,” Kathy McVay, a Plymouth Meeting resident, originally told 6 ABC’s Sarah Bloomquist about the incident.

McVay said she went to a hospital and underwent a CAT scan to make sure that she didn't suffer a concussion.

“I have a small hematoma in my eye,” McVay said. “And mostly, it's going to get worse before it gets better. It's going to go down the side of my face.”

Per the report, the Phillies did reach out to McVay to apologize and “the Phanatic feels terrible about what happened” (although we’re not exactly sure how he explained that sentiment).

To her credit, McVay understands the ridiculous nature of her injury and is taking it all in stride.

"When I tell my brothers, they started laughing," she said to NBC10. "It's funny, it's a story I can tell people. My only thing is just to warn people just to be careful. Because you would think you'd get hit by a baseball instead of a flying hot dog."

Now that people know she’s OK, McVay can bank on people getting a decent laugh out of this one.

Rocky and Adonis return to Philadelphia in new Creed II trailer


Rocky and Adonis return to Philadelphia in new Creed II trailer

The latest chapter in the Rocky Balboa saga is coming to theatres this Thanksgiving and the trailer for it dropped this morning.

Creed II picks up with Michael B. Jordan reprising his role as Apollo Creed's son, Adonis, coming to grips with fighting someone with the last name Drago — clearly a flashback to his father getting killed in the ring at the hands of Russian Ivan Drago.

Sly Stallone returns as the old and wise Rocky Balboa, dropping knowledge bombs instead of left hooks.

At least part of the movie takes place in Philadelphia, with a skyline shot showing up in the trailer. The first Creed movie had plenty of Philly flavor, so we're hoping we'll get a bit more in the sequel.