Well this was certainly not an encouraging development in Sixers nation.

After spending his summer working on his form, Markelle Fultz's shot looked improved for the bulk of the young season. Not perfect by any means, but improved.

And then he took a free throw during the first half of action on Monday night down in Miami and had a very strange double-clutch motion. It did not look good. You can watch it above.

As NBC Sports Philadelphia's Marc Jackson pointed out during the halftime show, that's not technically even a legal free throw attempt. Fultz made one of three field goal attempts midway through the 3rd quarter as the Sixers held a six point lead.

It doesn't appear as if Fultz was injured as he is getting playing time in the second half.

It was just a few days ago that Fultz and the Sixers denied anything was wrong with him after his trainer during the summer, Drew Hanlen, tweeted out that he "wasn't healthy."

Tough to say what's going on with the second year player. We'll update this post with any reports from Fultz or the Sixers on the strange free throw attempt following the game.

UPDATE: Markelle said the ball slipped.