OK, so banning Kevin Hart from Sixers games seems a bit harsh. But maybe the Sixers at least get him a nice suite seat instead of standing right there on the court where opposing players claim he's motivation.

Any seat in the building where the players on the court can't hear him would work just fine.

James Harden has said that Hart's trash talk motivated him to cook the Sixers a couple of seasons ago. And now Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade got into it with Hart last night.

Wade was red hot, finishing the night with 28 off the bench on an impressive 11-16 shooting.

"When you got people like Kevin Hart talking on the sideline, when you got the crowd saying all the things they're saying, I heard a lot of things tonight, and it's all used as motivation," Wade said. "To be able to hush a whole crowd, that's a great feeling."

The two could be seen jawing after Wade's huge shot in the final minute. Hart was seated near Allen Iverson, who Wade showed respect for following the game.

Hart and Wade kept the chatter up on Twitter following the game as well.

So I don't know. Maybe Hart should stay in a suite like he did for the Eagles Super Bowl. That turned out better.