There's an old saying on the Internet that dates back hundreds of years: when it's the summer lull of MLB All-Star week, write blog posts about your hated rival.

So here we are, on the slowest sports day of the year. Let's talk about how rotten the Dallas Cowboys are.

Thankfully, veteran free agent running back DeAngelo Williams provided us with all of the ammunition we as Philly sports fans could ask for on a day like today.

Williams recently sat down with ESPN's Adam Schefter and mentioned a couple of teams he wouldn't want to play for, Dallas Cowboys included. Courtesy the folks at BleedingGreen:

The Cowboys, they win. They just don’t ever show up during the playoffs, though. Like they always disappear in the playoffs. I got a great depiction of the Cowboys fan base during the regular season last year. They were on cloud nine. You couldn’t tell them anything. Anything. Because they were gonna win the [championship], that’s all they said. Fans just got extremely super annoying.

And then the minute they lost, they either got cheated, somebody was hurt, the excuses start flowing, it’s just amazing to me, that fan base in general, they can’t handle defeat. Still to this day they say the Dez Bryant catch against the Green Bay Packers was a catch.

"Cowboys fans just got extremely super annoying" may be the most accurate thing ever in all of sports.


Thanks, DeAngelo. Free beers in Philly next time you cruise through.