NFL power rankings roundup: Eagles take big step back after loss

NFL power rankings roundup: Eagles take big step back after loss

After blowing out the Bears, 31-3, in Week 12, the Eagles traveled to Seattle for a Sunday night matchup against the Seahawks. The Birds lost for the first time since Week 2 after a disappointing performance, 24-10.

The loss to the Seahawks puts the Birds at 10-2. They now are tied with the Vikings for the best record in the NFC. They are also tied with the Steelers, Patriots and Vikings for the best record in the NFL.

Now the Eagles shift their attention to the 9-3 Los Angeles Rams for a Sunday afternoon matchup in L.A. 

Here’s a roundup of where the Eagles landed in this week's national power rankings after Week 13:

ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio: Down three spots to No. 4
Florio wrote, “Fly, Eagles, fly. Right into a Wolf Grey window.”

This was the first time since Week 2 in which the Eagles looked nervous and scattered on all fronts. Carson Wentz was missing throws he would have made earlier in the season and he just wasn’t as sharp. It doesn’t help that he was running from Seahawks pass rushers for the majority of the night. I don’t believe there is cause for concern unless they struggle against the Rams this week.'s Elliot Harrison: Down one spot to No. 2
Harrison wrote, “The first dip in these here rankings since Week 3 for the Eagles — and the first time not in the top spot since Week 8. The Eagles have been perched atop the league's hierarchy because of their balance on offense and defense, as well as the MVP play of the quarterback. All three factions were marginalized by the Seahawks on Sunday night.”

This was the most points the Eagles' defense allowed since Week 2. The 24 points allowed were also matched in the Redskins, Giants and Chargers games in Week 1, Week 3 and Week 4, respectively. Russell Wilson has been having arguably his best season thus far and the Seahawks were able to take shots down the field in the passing game. 

USA TODAY: Down four spots to No. 5
USA TODAY wrote, “They're lucky NFL doesn't use college football playoff system. Philly's resume highly suspect with just one win against teams currently above .500.”

That one win against a team that is currently above .500 was the Week 6 victory over the Panthers. The Eagles were tested against the Seahawks and it showed. Yes, there were some situations that didn’t go their way like the Wentz fumble at the goal line and the Wilson “lateral” that actually was a forward pass. But in the end, the Eagles didn’t look good and will have a chance to right the ship against the Rams.

Yahoo! Sports' Frank Schwab: Down one spot to No. 2
Schwab wrote, “This is how quick the NFL can turn: The Eagles were on top of the world before they kicked off against the Seahawks on Sunday night. In an eight-day stretch, they could go from leading the NFL to needing help over the last three weeks to get a bye.”

Right now the Vikings would have the No. 1 seed and home-field advantage as a result of tiebreakers. Things could really change quickly with a loss to the Rams, so it is vital that the Eagles walk away from this West Coast road trip 1-1. The game against the Rams will say a lot about where the Eagles stand against the best teams in the NFL.

The Washington Post's Mark Maske: Down three spots to No. 4
Maske wrote, “The Eagles are still a very good team, even after the defeat in Seattle. They still have a chance to secure the No. 1 seed in the NFC playoffs. But they might not be the conference’s Super Bowl favorite any longer.”

A strong defense and the emergence of Case Keenum and Adam Thielen have the Vikings as one of the best teams in the NFL. They have a decent chance to be the first team to host the Super Bowl and play in it as well. The key to the Eagles’ Super Bowl chances is playing all postseason games at the Linc. Having to travel to New Orleans, Minnesota or Seattle could pose problems for the Eagles’ Super Bowl hopes.

ESPN: Down one spot to No. 2
ESPN wrote, “First-round pick Derek Barnett has 5.0 sacks this season, but the Eagles are getting big production from rookies they didn't even draft. Undrafted rookie Corey Clement has six touchdowns and Jake Elliott, who was drafted by the Bengals, has gone 19-of-23 on field goals, including a game-winning 61-yarder in Week 3.”

Speaking of big production, I think one of the best stories this year for the Eagles has to be wide receiver Nelson Agholor. He had seven receptions for 141 yards and a touchdown against the Seahawks, and his emergence after a terrible 2016 has been a great story to follow. The USC product has been making good on the Eagles taking him in the first round.

To boo or not to boo? Manny Machado playing in Philly tonight is an easy decision

USA Today

To boo or not to boo? Manny Machado playing in Philly tonight is an easy decision

By most accounts, the Phillies made a serious effort to trade for former Baltimore Orioles megastar Manny Machado but didn’t put together a package of prospects that could best the one that ultimately landed him with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Orioles’ decision-makers took the deal that they believed was best for their organization. They didn’t take a lesser package in order to accommodate whatever Machado's preferred destination may have been. So in a sense, Machado didn’t really get a say in where he landed in a trade.

He absolutely will get final say about where he lands in free agency this winter.

Now, Philadelphia sports fans like to pride themselves on being among the most knowledgeable in all the land when it comes to their understanding of the game.

With all of that said, I’ve heard from a few fans that they’re debating whether or not to boo Machado when he visits Citizens Bank Park tonight with the Dodgers.

My response to that? Why in the world would you boo Manny Machado?!?

The idea of booing Machado just to boo him is a very bad one.

I’m talking about the kind of booing for no reason at all here where Machado comes up to his first plate appearance and hears the boos rain down from the crowd. Don’t do that. That is a very bad look. If he hits a home run against the Phils tonight? Feel free to boo all you want. If he says what an ugly city Philly is today? Boo him back to Baltimore.

Boo a guy if he deserves it. But Machado has said nothing but positive things about Philadelphia in the past. When he played against the Phillies back in July with Baltimore, he got cheered and he noticed.

"Philly. I did hear that nice ovation when I was there," Machado told reporters over the All-Star break. "That was pretty awesome.”

And Phillies fans — think about it — if you want Machado to sign here for a whopper of a contract in the offseason, you’re going to have to convince him that this is a wonderful place to live and play baseball. Booing him for no reason other than he didn’t get traded here certainly does not accomplish that and it does not make you look like a smart baseball fan.

I’d even argue giving Machado a loud positive cheer in his first plate appearance could be the smart thing to do. If you want him to chose Philly over the lore of being a New York Yankee, every positive image you can help him have of Philly can only help.

Make up a cheeky sign if you want. "Manny, I love you very much. You're the best. Just like Chase. But I hope you lose tonight. I know you understand."

And finally, Milwaukee Brewers fans booed Machado over the weekend and any self-respecting fan doesn’t ever want to do what they do.

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Internet sleuths uncover Doug Pederson cameo in 2008 movie

USA Today Images

Internet sleuths uncover Doug Pederson cameo in 2008 movie

Before Doug Pederson was an underdog, he was a longshot.

Thanks to some super sleuthing from some folks on Reddit, specifically u/nosefinger1, it has been uncovered that Doug Pederson and his Calvary Baptist Academy football team made a brief appearance in the movie “The Longshots.” 

Since we don’t condone piracy, here are some screenshots.

That has to be Doug, right? If you needed more proof, u/dr_rex uncovered some more info.

The movie, starring Ice Cube and directed by Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst, came out in 2008 and was a pretty significant box office flop. Perhaps they could have given the future Super Bowl-winning head coach a bigger role.