Nick Pivetta, Athletics turn gloomy rain delay into ultimate staring contest

The great Athletics-Phillies rain delay pitchers standoff appeared to end in a draw Saturday night. 

As the rest of the players headed for the clubhouse as the game was delayed in the bottom of the third inning at Citizens Bank Park, three pitchers decided otherwise. 

Daniel Gossett and Daniel Mengden, who tossed a two-hit shutout against the Phils Friday night, set up shop on the rain-exposed top deck of the Oakland dugout. They sat under a makeshift covering that was propped up by brooms held by both right-handers. 

Phillies right-hander Nick Pivetta ran solo in the first base dugout. Teammates at first wrapped what appeared to be a garbage back around the top railing to the dugout roof to keep him dry. An umbrella was added — punched through the tarp to go over his head — as the delay entered the second hour. 

Pivetta, wearing what appeared to be a homemade poncho with a hood, donned sunglasses and had a towel draped over his left arm. A yellow “Caution, Wet Floor” cone was placed on both sides of him on the dugout bench. 

Teammates traded out some hats for Pivetta as well, who was the first to get rid of the tarp above his head as the rain lessened to a drizzle. 

Both teams tweeted about the competition, with the A's pointing out that Pivetta was by himself. 

"Your guy is solo? Our brotherly love will win out."

Get it? 

As the grounds crew rolled up the tarp and prepared for the restart, Gossett and Mengden got up, rolled up their covering. The starting pitchers then headed into the clubhouse — while their teammates started to warm up. 

Who says a rain delay during a matchup of last-place teams in September can’t be exciting?