Philadelphia Union actually do a pretty great 'Fresh Prince' of 'Chest-Air' parody

Philadelphia Union actually do a pretty great 'Fresh Prince' of 'Chest-Air' parody

When you’re winless since last August, everyone knows the best remedy to get out of such a slump is … create a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air parody video?

Some fans will surely question the timing of this considering the Union are two games from away matching the longest winless streak in MLS history. But Saturday’s game vs. the Red Bulls is being billed as “Throwback Night,” so recreating the opening credits scene from the iconic 1990s TV show makes sense. And, hey, it can’t be bad that the guys are loose and having fun, right?

Also: they did a bang-up job. The highlights:

1) Top scorer C.J. Sapong kills it as Will Smith, though some might question why he spray paints his shirt (it’s only supposed to be the armpits!) and doesn’t hold his nose exiting the “cab.” Also, for accuracy sake, shouldn’t it have ended with him getting traded to LA?

1) Fabinho as the referee. Absolutely brilliant casting decision.

2) John McCarthy as the bully, along with equally fearsome goalies Andre Blake and Jake McGuire, the latter of whom just had his biggest role with the Union to date.

4) Warren Creavalle and Marcus Epps playing excellent 90s TV defense.

4) Derrick Jones as the aunt — you obviously want to pick a 20-year-old kid for that role.

5) Some random guy as the driver. (Looks closer). Wait, that’s Ken Tribbett — I remember him!

6) Ben Franklin, William Penn, Betsy Ross and Rocky Balbo listed as producers. Good gets.

Here’s the original to compare and contrast, if for some weird reason you don't have it memorized:

And if you want to go down the MLS-team-does-a-parody-video rabbit hole (what?), you should watch the Chicago Fire spoofing Ferris Bueller and the San Jose Earthquakes recreating Home Alone.

But the Union’s may just have made the best of them all. At least they’re winning at something!

The Sixers and the Suns trade ... barbs on Twitter

The Sixers and the Suns trade ... barbs on Twitter

Joel Embiid wasn't the only one throwing shade at the Phoenix Suns on Thursday evening.

The Philadelphia 76ers' official Twitter account got in on the action after the Suns tossed some shade in their direction.

It all started with a tweet while Mikal Bridges was still a member of the 76ers' squad. @Sixers posted some highlights of Bridges from his Villanova days. Harmless enough.

Then Bridges got traded to the Suns for Zhaire Smith and an unprotected first round pick in 2021. It appears as if the original highlights tweet was deleted but the @Suns had receipts.

That's when the @Suns tossed a jab.

The Sixers didn't take it lying down.

Who you got in the battle of the hoops nerds behind the team Twitter accounts?

Just remember: don’t ever take sides with anyone against the family again. Ever.

Social media explodes with reactions about Mikal Bridges and his mom

Social media explodes with reactions about Mikal Bridges and his mom

This got really awkward, really fast (see video of Mikal Bridges talking about playing for the Sixers even after he was traded away).

After the city of Philadelphia, the campus of Villanova and generally everyone on the internet was celebrating the local product Bridges being drafted by the Sixers, the team dished him to Phoenix (see story).

The news especially hit home for the Bridges family, as his mom, Tyneeha Rivers, works for the organization as the vice president of human resources at Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment, which includes the Sixers.

This tweet just about sums it up.

Upon being drafted, there was tremendous joy for a hometown kid playing for his hometown team.

Josh Hart, Bridges' former Villanova teammate, had the tweet of the night, too.

Then everything changed after about 46 minutes.

The reactions started pouring in.

All of them, Arch, all of them. At least he found the silver lining for his former teammate.

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