What is it going to take for Aaron Nola to get some national respect?

How about his first All-Star selection? Nope.

What about an NL-best 12 wins? Nah.

The second-best ERA in the league? Meh.

Looks like Nola will have to do even more to get the respect he deserves as evidenced by yet another diss.

Earlier Tuesday, FOX Sports MLB posted this tweet, and Phillies fans went wild. As of writing this, the tweet had more than 250 comments of people, kindly and not-so-kindly, letting it know about the glaring omission.

The Phillies even were puzzled, too.

Let’s take a look at the players on the graphic:

Max Scherzer: 11-5, 2.33 ERA, 127.2 IP, 177 K, 0.89 WHIP

Jacob deGrom: 5-4, 1.79 ERA, 115.1 IP, 142 K, 0.99 WHIP

Jon Lester: 11-2, 2.45 ERA, 106.1 IP, 81 K, 1.17 WHIP

Let’s look at Nola’s numbers:

12-2, 2.27 ERA, 123 IP, 126 K, 0.98 WHIP

No matter what numbers you like, Nola is, at the absolute worst, the third-best pitcher of the four and probably is having the second-best season in the NL.

In fact, before the season, MLB Network omitted Nola’s name from a list of 22 pitchers.

Sure, pitching in his home ballpark and with the numbers he has put up this season, Scherzer looks to be locked in as the starting pitcher for the Midsummer Classic, but there will be a time when Nola will continue to perform and his ability will be too loud to ignore.


For now, put this one on the bulletin board and keep pitching for the NL East crown.

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