Donald Trump is a ridiculous human being. I think that's a safe thing to say to those who support the man as a legitimate presidential candidate and those who view him as a bafoon full of the hottest of hot air possibly heated by a single person.

One thing about Trump that apparently cannot be disputed is the fact that he played baseball as a youngster.

Longtime Trump followers may remember an interview he did with MTV back in 2010 in which he spoke about once being an aspiring professional ballplayer.

“I was captain of the baseball team,” Trump told MTV about his high school playing days. “I was supposed to be a professional baseball player. Fortunately, I decided to go into real estate instead. I played first base and I also played catcher. I was a good hitter. I just had a good time.”

You might be saying, "So what? I aspired to be an NBA point guard back when I was six years old playing in my parents driveway."

But the Trump baseball thing is apparently somewhat legit and a former teacher of his told Rolling Stone that he was once scouted by the Philadelphia Phillies. Another report from earlier this summer says the Boston Red Sox took a peek in on Trump action too which would make a current-day Tom Brady happy.


Thankfully Trump was too greedy to play for the Phillies. He wanted to make real money and Ruben Amaro Jr. was only a bat boy at the time.