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Redskins fan knocks out Eagles fan

Drink responsibly.
Act responsibly.
This is at least the third video of fan violence we have seen this season at an Eagles game, granted, last week the incident did not involve an Eagles fan, but seeing videos like this on a weekly basis is a trend that needs to stop.
Let this be a PSA of how not to act towards other human beings.
After the Eagles’ 34-24 victory, this video surfaced of a man in a Kirk Cousins jersey, wearing one shoe, knocking down a fan in a Fletcher Cox jersey. The man in the Eagles jersey first grabs his opponent by the throat before the two go to the ground.  Eventually, the two square off, and the Redskins fan clocks the Eagles fan.

All the while, another fight is going on in the same area.

Watch an extended video of the fight here.

This fights appear to take place on the concourse of Lincoln Financial Field.
The Eagles are 6-1, Carson Wentz is the leading candidate to be the NFL MVP and you spent your night getting into a fight on the concourse of the stadium where you paid to watch a football game.
Let’s be better than that.