Report: Off-duty police officers involved in LeSean McCoy bar brawl sue the NFL star


Report: Off-duty police officers involved in LeSean McCoy bar brawl sue the NFL star

The Pennsylvania attorney general's office may have dismissed its investigation of former Eagles running back LeSean McCoy surrounding his involvement in a bar brawl in Philadelphia that took place in February.

And the NFL may not have disciplined the Bills running back for his involvement, but that hasn't stopped the police officers who were involved in the brawl from suing the NFL star.

TMZ Sports reports today that two of the off-duty police officers hurt in the incident, Darnell Jessie and Roland Butler, are suing McCoy.

"The officers are also suing Recess and 3 members of McCoy's party -- Curtis Brinkley, Tamarcus Porter and Christopher Henderson," TMZ writes.

NBC has more details:

The civil suit says McCoy, who now plays for the Buffalo Bills, beat and kicked one officer while he was on the ground and punched another officer in the eye. The suit was filed Tuesday in Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.

The suit also names Curtis Brinkley, Tamarcus Porter and Christopher Henderson as defendants along with McCoy. Brinkley is a former NFL running back, and Porter once played football for the University of Pittsburgh, where McCoy also played. Recess Lounge in Old City, where the fight occurred, is also named as a defendant in the suit. 

The suit alleges that McCoy, Brinkley, Porter and Henderson were "already visibly intoxicated," but that employees at Recess continued to serve them in the time leading up to the brawl.

Police say the fight started over who purchased an expensive bottle of champagne and that one of the officers suffered a broken noes and a broken ribs, according to the AP.

You have to see this terrible Phillie Phanatic costume


You have to see this terrible Phillie Phanatic costume

October is rapidly approaching, which of course, includes the wonderful holiday of Halloween.

If you’re looking for that perfect costume that absolutely does not even slightly resemble your character, look no further.

Behold, this company is advertising a Phillie Phanatic costume for the low price of $399.99 that literally looks nothing like the most beloved mascot in all of Major League Baseball.

We have many questions about what exactly went into the design of the costume, which is actually on sale, but you can see it for yourself right here and below:

So if you’ve got $399.99 to spare and are looking to dress up as the Phanatic, we do not recommend buying this one.

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Couple has amazing Eagles Super Bowl wedding cake


Couple has amazing Eagles Super Bowl wedding cake

For better teams or worse. In bad seasons and good. In sickness and in Super Bowl champions.

That’s how that goes right? Maybe at least for this couple.

Ron and his new wife Megan truly found a way to put the icing on the sweet, sweet cake of the Eagles winning the Super Bowl.


They designed an amazing custom Super Bowl LII championship cake, complete with an entire layout of the "Philly Special."

Check out their incredible cake below, and congratulations to the happy couple.

We’re glad you guys have two things to celebrate this year. We wish you a lifetime of happiness and many more Super Bowl wins.

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