Like Shirley Temples?

Like Joel Embiid?

Then you'll want to be at the Wells Fargo Center on Wednesday night.

The Sixers are pulling out all the stops in their campaign for Joel Embiid's All-Star bid. This latest strategy is pretty brilliant.

Fans can buy 16-ounce Shirley Temples for $5 at all bar locations in the arena during the Sixers-Knicks game.

Here are the promos by the Sixers, courtesy of's Jessica Camerato.

For those that don't know, Joel Embiid and the beverage have been connected ever since a report surfaced in 2015 highlighting Embiid's dietary habits, mentioning his apparent love for a pitcher of Shirley Temples.

From that day on, Embiid loves to poke fun at the topic, frequently mentioning the drink.


Stay thirsty, Joel Embiid.