Tom Finer/NBC Sports Philadelphia

Someone actually tried to steal from Roy Halladay memorial outside CBP


Stealing from the site of a memorial?

That actually happened outside Citizens Bank Park on Thursday.

According to NBC Sports Philadelphia's John Clark, a person tried snatching a jersey from the tribute for Roy Halladay.

The key word here is triedPolice told NBC 10 Philadelphia that an officer assigned to the K9 Unit chased down the culprit, a male, and arrested him.

From the NBC 10 Philadelphia article:

Police spokesman Sgt. Eric Gripp said the man may not face a theft charge, however. Since police do not know who owns the jersey, they're not able to charge him with that crime.

Officers issued the man a disorderly conduct summons and sent him on his way, Gripp said.

Phillies fans have started and built a beautiful scene outside the ballpark commemorating the beloved Halladay, who died tragically on Tuesday in a plane crash.