Is there an NFL conspiracy against the Eagles?


Is there an NFL conspiracy against the Eagles?

Updated: 6:17 p.m.

Somebody jumped the gun this week in a promotion for Super Bowl LII. Or did they?

This year's Super Bowl will feature either the Patriots or Jaguars taking on either the Eagles or Vikings. Unless there is some conspiracy afoot!

You see, there is an image going around that the NFL posted a promo of Super Bowl LII featuring only the Patriots and Vikings along with some head-scratching text. Just another attempt to disrespect the Birds!

It included the following text:

Your team is headed to Super Bowl LII...and you could too! When you donate to United Way, you could score 2 club-level seats to watch the PATRIOTS vs. the VIKINGS battle it out for the coveted Super Bowl title! But...that's not all! You could also WIN pre-game sideline access + other cool perks! Don't pass up this touchdown experience - donate TODAY for your chance to WIN big


The NFL, rightfully so, apologized for the mistake.

"It was a regrettable mistake," an NFL spokesman told NJ Advance Media. "The ads were mocked up using all the [possible] combinations, but weren't supposed to go until Monday when the matchup is known. Obviously, someone jumped the gun." 

So are the conference championship games fixed?!? Unlikely. 

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Behind the scenes of Eagles Super Bowl ring ceremony

NFL Films

Behind the scenes of Eagles Super Bowl ring ceremony

The Philadelphia Eagles are off to something of a bumpy start to their title defense season. So there is no time to look back at anything at all related to their Super Bowl victory. Focus on the future, right?


Who are we kidding? Birds fans are going to bask in the Super Bowl championship for as many days, weeks, months, or years as they wish.

NFL Films, lowkey MVPs of the Eagles magical run last season, put together a fantastic segment on the players receiving their Super Bowl LII rings back in June.

The emotion on Jason Peters' and Fletcher Cox's faces or the tears building up in Carson Wentz and Doug Pederson's eyes shows just how much that Lombardi Trophy and those rings meant to that team and the city of Philadelphia.

"First in Eagles history! They got to remember us forever."

And we will.

You can watch the segment below.

Things are not going so well for ex-Cowboy Jason Witten on Monday Night Football

USA Today Images

Things are not going so well for ex-Cowboy Jason Witten on Monday Night Football

Oh no, things are not going well for Jason Witten early on in his second career.

After a tremendous career in the NFL, where he reached 11 Pro Bowls and won exactly zero rings as a tight end for the Dallas Cowboys, Witten hung up his cleats and accepted a lead analyst role on Monday Night Football with ESPN.

Two broadcasts into his career, things are not going well.

He joins fellow ex-Cowboys Troy Aikman and Tony Romo, who have both received positive reviews, even from Eagles fans, in the broadcast world. However, if these social media posts are any indication, he’s got a long way to go to reach their level.

Here’s what they’re saying.

From last week:

Now, from this week. It’s clear that ESPN talked to Witten to improve his work, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

We literally searched Witten's name on Twitter and did not see a single positive comment.

Broadcasting is not easy for anyone, let alone someone who lands their first gig in the national spotlight. But, needless to say, things are not off to a good start for the future Hall of Famer.

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