Yes, Tom Brady saw last night’s Philly Philly play that the Eagles stole from, and executed better than, the Patriots in last night’s 18-12 win against the Atlanta Falcons. 

That’s not even the funniest thing that he mentioned during his press conference, though.

Several players on the Eagles, including Doug Pederson and Nick Foles, tipped their caps to the Patriots for the play, which resulted in a first down and served as a spark on the Eagles’ first touchdown drive of the season. When asked about it during his press conference Friday, Brady gave a smirk and kind of a weird, disconnected answer.

He opened by saying, “Good execution wins games,” in reference to the Eagles' ability to pull off the play that the Patriots were unable to do in February. He then went on to talk about projections in relation to his son’s fantasy football team and that projections don’t matter, execution does, because his son was projected to lose his fantasy football matchup.

Well, a media member followed up with a question about Brady's son's team, and Brady said his son started Matt Ryan on his fantasy team this week.

Ha. Also, kudos to the kid in that fantasy team that took Tom Brady. What a power move.


If you’re scoring at home, the Eagles' defense held Ryan to just 8.8 fantasy points last night, whereas he was projected to score 20.3.

Chalk up another W for the Eagles' defense against Brady.

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