Union coach on Eagles title: 'I think every Philadelphian stands a little taller now'

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Union coach on Eagles title: 'I think every Philadelphian stands a little taller now'

Jim Curtin is the head coach of the Philadelphia Union.

He’s also a longtime Philly guy and a huge Eagles fan who said in his introductory press conference that his “wedding revolved around 4th-and-26 with Freddie Mitchell.”

So, yeah, he may have gone a little crazy watching the Super Bowl — even if he had to do it more than 1,000 miles away since the Union are currently in preseason camp down in Clearwater.

“What a game, what an incredible team story and performance,” Curtin said during his weekly conference call Wednesday. “Sticking together when a lot of people counted them out is a story you see a lot in sports and it was fun to watch.

“Congrats to the Eagles, Coach Pederson, all the things they did this year were truly special,” he added. “I think every Philadelphian stands a little taller now. It’s an exciting time in Philadelphia sports.”

Curtin said he watched the game in Florida with two members of the Union front office: fellow Philly native Chris Albright and Earnie Stewart (who actually comes from a family of Cowboys fans). Afterwards, he gave a big hug to backup goalie John McCarthy, a Northeast Philly native who said in an interview he “teared up a little” after the game.

McCarthy then lobbied Mayor Kenney to have the championship parade on Friday — the day the Union return to Philly from the first phase of their preseason. (Rudely, it doesn’t seem like the mayor factored in the goalie's request as the city settled on Thursday.)

“We were really excited,” Curtin said. “Obviously everyone from Philadelphia knows the highs and lows of being a Philly fan. I thought it was a great moment for us as a city.”

Curtin said he wishes he could be at the parade but is naturally focused on the Union’s preseason game vs. Chicago on Thursday. There will, however, be plenty of representation from his family along Broad Street.

“I have a large number of family members and close friends sleeping over at my house tonight,” said Curtin, who lives in the Queen Village section of the city. “My house isn’t very big but it happens to be a couple of blocks from the parade route. There will be a big sleepover — lots of kids, lots of cousins, lots of family rolling through the house.

“Obviously we have work to do down here in Clearwater. It’s unfortunate I’m gonna miss the parade but I know it’s gonna be a heck of a party.”

Cubs use Trey Burton's 1st pitch in attempt to smear 'Philly Special'

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Cubs use Trey Burton's 1st pitch in attempt to smear 'Philly Special'

In case you missed it, the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl a few months ago.

During the Eagles’ championship, elite-by-Joe-Flacco standards quarterback Nick Foles caught a touchdown pass on 4th-and-goal at the end of the first half. It later became known as the Philly Special and it’s arguably the greatest play in sports history.

Fast forward to Saturday. Trey Burton, the former third-string Eagles tight end who threw the TD pass to Foles and is now with the Bears, threw out the first pitch at Wrigley Field.

The pitch itself wasn't too shabby and Burton did no wrong. That's when the Cubs' official Twitter account decided to stir the pot.


Never mind the Philly Special was inspired by a play the Bears ran against the Vikings and borrowed from Clemson (see story). In Chicago's version, Matt Barkley (remember him?) caught the TD pass in a game far less meaningful.

The Bears, well, they did not win the Super Bowl. They were a hot mess in 2017 as they tried to mimic the Eagles' blueprint by starting their No. 2 overall draft pick quarterback. Except Mitch Trubisky is no Carson Wentz. The only similarities are that both were No. 2 picks and both the Eagles and Bears traded up to draft both of them.

It's a pretty good blueprint and while Foles won the Eagles the Super Bowl, they would not have been in the playoffs without Wentz. Professional sports are all about copycats. Howie Roseman's master plan was genius and other teams took notice.

The Bears realized they desperately needed a franchise QB and traded up to draft Trubisky in 2017. Will it pay out? We'll see, but the seed was planted by Roseman.

This offseason, the Bears decided they needed to take another page out of the Eagles' playbook and signed Burton. Best of luck to Trey in Chicago; he'll forever be linked to the Eagles' Super Bowl team.

But on Saturday, the Cubs decided to turn Burton's first pitch into a publicity stunt and, predictably so, Philly Twitter did not take kindly. Just a few reactions:

The Cubs lost to the Giants because, well, karma exists.

Anyways, we'll sign off this post with this.

Blue Jays bullpen overhears apparent breakup, tweets to offer help

Blue Jays bullpen overhears apparent breakup, tweets to offer help

There’s nothing like taking the person you love to a baseball game on a sunny, 80-degree night in Philadelphia. Unless you just so happen to break up with that person, in public and loud enough for the entire Toronto Blue Jays bullpen to hear you.

Looks like you’ve got a chance to make up and get an outside opinion from several members of a professional baseball team!

If you happen to know this couple, let them know that the Blue Jays are looking for them and a happily-ever-after ending could still be in reach.

If not, there’s always "The Bachelor."