Hot take: Mascots are overrated. Especially the Phanatic. That green thing is just creepy. You can send your hate mail to @todougherty.

Anyways, the Union on Monday afternoon revealed their first mascot in franchise history, and it already has the coolest name in the city.

Meet Phang, a big blue snake that sports a gold mohawk.

The Union unveiled Phang during a ceremony at the Philadelphia Zoo. Phang hatched to the Union's goal song.

Phang already has swagger — something the Sixers' Franklin can take notes from. In terms of obscure Philly sports, Phang instantly has a leg up on the Soul Man in mascot rankings.

The Union are, well, actually pretty good. They're currently fifth in the Eastern Conference with 40 points and positioned to make the MLS playoffs for just the third time ever.


And now, the Union have an official mascot to pump up the home crowd at Talen Energy Stadium. I just hope Samuel L. Jackson doesn't encounter Phang on a plane. We don't need that movie sequel.