The Super Bowl is just about a week away and as Philadelphia Eagles fans are well aware, our team is most certainly not participating in the big game.

What has Carson Wentz been doing now that he has plenty of free time?

Well, turns out the Eagles brass may consult with him in some personnel moves, which isn't exactly a total vacation. And he'll reportedly start working with a QB coach soon to sharpen some of his mechanics.

But he has been enjoying himself.

It appears he took in an Eric Church concert at the Wells Fargo Center on Thursday night.

He has plenty of time to play with his dog. And he even made a video about it.

You have to appreciate Henley's grit, not afraid to go across the middle or into a pond.

He also approved of these Birds fans attempting to do the TD celebration Wentz typically does with Jordan Matthews.

Wentz is also eating well thanks to his sharp shooting.

We'll likely see plenty more from Wentz working out this summer with his pal Jordan Matthews. Maybe a few other receivers as well.

Oh, and this: