The Lenny Dykstra on Twitter experiment to promote his new book has been something of a mixed bag. There's been a few brief moments of entertainment mixed in with a lot of lame tweets of a former athlete trying to make waves on a new medium by attempting to be outrageous.

But then the video he posted today popped up in my feed and it was like, whoa. That's real.

Lenny shared a video about all of his teeth getting knocked out in prison and subsequently going to get them replaced.

Nails doesn't explain how the teeth were lost in the video but he did file a suit in 2014 alleging he was beaten in jail. From the AP.

Dykstra filed the suit seeking unspecified damages against the county and several Sheriff's Department employees, saying his head was slammed against the wall, his teeth were knocked out and he was kicked and beaten until he was "barely breathing."

The suit says the jail system, where a federal probe has led to 20 recent indictments of sheriff's employees, is "fueled by abusive violence, and manipulated by hopeless liars."