Watch: Carson Wentz avoids a sack, tosses a TD to Mack Hollins


Watch: Carson Wentz avoids a sack, tosses a TD to Mack Hollins

A nice drive from Carson Wentz and the Eagles ended with the QB showing his elusiveness, dodging a sack and connecting with rookie Mack Hollins for the early touchdown.

Credit to Wentz for avoiding the pressure and credit to Hollis for the yards after the catch.

Tsk, tsk, to the Green Back Packers for their awful tackling.

Wentz remained in the game for the two-point conversion attempt on which he threw a catchable-but-not-great ball to Nelson Agholor who didn't convert.

Wentz finished 4 for 4 for 56 yards and the one touchdown.

Hit the showers, Wentz! That'd be it for him on the night. Matt McGloin is now your Eagles quarterback.

The Eagles led the Packers 6-0 when Wentz departed.

Around the NFC East: Remember when we thought Washington was good?

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Around the NFC East: Remember when we thought Washington was good?

Each week, we'll take a look at how the Eagles’ division rivals fared the previous weekend and what they have upcoming. In Week 2, the Redskins came back down to Earth, the Cowboys get a boring first win, and are we sure Ben McAdoo was the problem in New York?

Here’s what happened, and what’s happening, this week in the NFC East:

Washington (1-1)

ICYMI: Despite having 2013 Pro Bowlers Alex Smith and Adrian Peterson (and the whole 20 yards he ran for), Washington made Andrew Luck look like it was 2014, losing to Indy 21-9. With a chance to get a leg-up in the division, Washington fell flat on their faces in a convincing defeat that can best be described as yawn-inducing.

Meanwhile, Washington’s miraculous 50-year streak of selling out home games came to an end, despite ownership claiming FOR YEARS they had a waiting list of over 100,000 suckers. Trump’s audit excuse is more believable. This franchise is a scam.

Also, the RB they used to call “fat” is out for the year

Spin: Remember last week when we thought Washington was good? Yeah, Washington isn’t good. The team they beat in Week 1 hasn’t scored since, and the vaunted Jay Gruden offense made Nick Foles' performance in Tampa look exemplary. 

This squad has some legit football players that will surprise a few teams this season (D.J. Swearinger, for example), but will end up producing more clunkers than not.

What’s Next: Vindication if Luck does the same thing at the Linc. Also, a visit from Aaron Rodgers which should send this team below .500 where they belong.

Dallas Cowboys (1-1)

ICYMI: It wasn’t the wildest of Giants-Cowboys matchups, with the most exciting play being a Tavon Austin Jaccpot-impression in the first quarter. Dem Boys slowly bled the Giants to death Sunday night, a 20-13 victory that provided a blueprint for how they’ll need to win games all year without a legitimate wideout; Zeke and Dak combined for over 120 yards on the ground, and Rod Marinelli’s D forced Eli into check-downs about twelve-billion times.

Spin: Dallas, who hasn’t been to a Super Bowl since 1996, beat a team that is now 4-16 in their last 20 games. Forgive me if I’m not planning the parade route quite yet.

Seriously though, it was a well-executed victory for Dallas in what was essentially a must-win; dropping to 0-2 with a home loss to a division rival would have put Jason Garrett in the unemployment line.

What’s Next: A trip vs. Seattle and the “12th man,” which isn’t a thing anymore now that the Seahawks are awful. 

New York Giants:

ICYMISee above. Eli had an Eli fumble. OBJ vanished. Saquon Barkley was their best wideout. I’m starting to suspect Ben McAdoo might not have been the problem.

Spin: The last time the G-Men were 0-2 was all the way back in 2017, when they watched their most awesome division rival win the Super Bowl, publicly embarrassed their franchise quarterback, fired their head coach in Week 13 and ended the year 3-13. So hey, things can only go up!

What’s Next: A battle of 0-2 teams in Houston. It doesn’t matter how many horrendous games Pat Shurmur loses. As long as he doesn’t have the guts to bench Eli, his job should be safe.

Jordan Matthews on Buffalo baby: ‘Nothing to do there except each other’

Jordan Matthews on Buffalo baby: ‘Nothing to do there except each other’

Last year in Buffalo, Jordan Matthews had the least productive season of his four years in the NFL. 

At least he was scoring off the field. 

Matthews, who signed Wednesday to rejoin the Eagles, spoke to reporters in the afternoon and filled them in on his busy life in the last 13 months. He got married last June and had a baby boy named Josiah in August. 

He can thank Buffalo for the little one.

When I was in Buffalo, there was like nothing to do there, except … have fun with your wife. She got pregnant. So we always say we got a Buffalo baby. Ain’t nothing to do there, except each other.

OK then.

Matthews and his wife, Cheyna, welcomed little Josiah to their family last month. Matthews said Josiah has his wife’s eyes and is beautiful. 

But Matthews has a strange effect on his son. 

“Every time I hold him too, he poops,” Matthews said. “They call me Poop Daddy. They’re holding him all day. The second I come home they’re like, ‘daddy come on.’ The second I hold him, he’s like (makes weird sound). They always hand him to me whenever he has to use the bathroom.”

Some overshares from Jordan Matthews today.

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