Joel Embiid is living it up in Qatar, scoring goals left and right.

The injured Sixers center is back in the peninsular nation as he works his way back from a right foot injury. The injury has so far prevented him from taking the court for the Sixers, two seasons removed from the team picking him No. 3 overall.

But if Embiid's soccer skills are any indication, his foot isn't quite as bothersome.

While rehabbing in Qatar, Embiid spent some time working out with Paris Saint-Germain soccer midfielder Javier Pastore, who kicked around a ball with Embiid and set up the center for an uncontested goal.

Pastore appears to be in Qatar for rehab purposes as well after re-injuring his calf in a recent PSG victory. His form looks pretty strong in the eight-second video below from @Tarek33888:

Now we know that if things don't work out for Embiid with the whole basketball thing, he might have a spot on the pitch waiting for him.

Embiid still has his eyes focused on the basketball court and the United States, however, tweeting about his alma mater, Kansas. Sorry 'Nova fans, it looks like Embiid won't be cheering for the Wildcats in the Elite Eight.