Where to watch Super Bowl a serious dilemma for die-hard Eagles fans in Philly

Where to watch Super Bowl a serious dilemma for die-hard Eagles fans in Philly

Now that your Philadelphia Eagles are set to take on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII on Feb. 4, the most important question for Philly fans not traveling to Minnesota becomes, “where do I watch the Super Bowl?”

This sounds like a simple question, but in reality is a very complex dilemma. Let me attempt to break it down for you.

The general rule I like to subscribe to: stick with what got you there.

Meaning, if you have a regular Eagles game watching routine, it’s probably smart to stick with that routine. But Super Bowl viewing brings a unique set of challenges.

In other years in which the Eagles fail to reach the big game, most people go to a Super Bowl party. These parties tend to be a great time, with food, drinks, commercials, Beyonce, and block pools more of the focus than the actual football on the field. But that’s when the outcome of the game isn’t so vital to the well being of the entire city of Philadelphia.

This year is different. This year, with the Eagles playing, the football is paramount.

I tend to prefer to watch big, important sporting events in a controlled environment. I know if I’m on my couch at home, I have a great view of the television with the volume as loud as I’d like. The fridge is stocked and the bathroom line non-existent. The problem there is my Center City apartment is too small for a legit party.

Aside from a perfect television viewing experience, the next most important thing to consider is to surround yourself with Eagles fans as passionate as you are. 

Now, in a perfect world, you are invited to or hosting a Super Bowl party where both the viewing experience and Eagles fanaticism will be next level. But that’s not always so easy.

Then there are the gigantic stakes involved in the Eagles winning the Super Bowl, something nobody has ever witnessed before.

Our Eagles fandom is such a part of who we are in Philly that we’ll want to share this moment with the people we grew up watching and going to Eagles games with: our dads, brothers, mothers, sisters, cousins, best friend from around the corner, etc. Whoever that person may be for you, you want to share an Eagles Super Bowl win with them.

For me, it’s my dad. If the Eagles win the Super Bowl, there’s nobody’s reaction I’d like to see more than my dad’s. That’s a potential memory I’d never forget.

All Birds fans need to consider who those people are when picking where to watch the game.

The final obstacle to my game-viewing dilemma is geographic location. My parents live in Delaware County and have a gigantic television and a big room perfect for a crazy Eagles party. But my apartment is mere blocks from Broad Street where we partied hard after the NFC Championship victory this past Sunday. That was a wild, wild scene. The FOMO of not being near Broad Street if the Eagles win the Super Bowl is a serious consideration.

What about a bar? It’s a gamble that can pay off. You need to be certain the bar will handle the audio, video, and crowd control in a manner you’d be OK with. It’s often a situation you can’t control. Is the Super Bowl featuring the Eagles a time you want to risk this? The potential pros of this are clear: more Eagles fans equals more jubilation for a win. But more people also means more wild cards with poor viewing angles, more crowded bathrooms, bad loud music instead of play-by-play, and a higher likelihood of the unknown messing your experience up.

All of this is to say: I’m still not sure where I’m watching the Super Bowl next week and it’s stressing me out a little.

On the plus side, all of this stress won’t mean a damn thing when every single one of us just plans to meet at the parade down Broad Street together after the Eagles win.

A mascot's guide to quarantine

USA Today Images

A mascot's guide to quarantine

Yes, we’re missing our nightly puck drops, tip-offs and first pitches. But, don’t forget our beloved mascots of Brotherly Love also affected by the pause in the sports world.

As we do our best to pass the time, let’s look back at Gritty, Franklin and the Phillie Phanatic’s Instagram feeds for isolation inspiration.

*Swoop, we love you — we just have ways away before kickoff. Plus, you also don’t have an Instagram.

Have a photoshoot

Franklin ‘Fit Check

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Spotted: 2 Legends 👀

A post shared by Franklin (@sixersfranklin) on

Put that self-timer on your phone to good use.

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100% that Grit. #Grizzo

A post shared by Gritty (@grittynhl) on

Just be mindful of what you decide to post.


Have a dance party

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*whispers* Wham!

A post shared by Gritty (@grittynhl) on

Dance like nobody’s watching. 

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A little Kid, a little Play 😋

A post shared by Franklin (@sixersfranklin) on

As much as we love a properly executed Kid ‘n Play, maybe pass on the dance duets. Or maybe take a page out of Matisse Thybulle’s book, Franklin.


Chat with your Pet

They don’t require toilet paper and are pretty good listeners.


Read a Book (Or Two)

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I just like to read the pictures

A post shared by Gritty (@grittynhl) on

Follow along with Tobias Harris, if you’re feeling up for it.


Design a tattoo

Perhaps modeled after some of our furry mascot friends?


At Home Makeover

Try out a new look or two for your post-isolation debut.

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Brotherly. Love.

A post shared by Gritty (@grittynhl) on

Hopefully, you’re friends will be supportive, too.



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Yes, this is how I watch road games. #PhilaUnite

A post shared by Franklin (@sixersfranklin) on

Find your zen.


Maintain Proper Hygiene

We would not recommend hiding in a trashcan during this time.


Practice Social Distancing

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Cartwheelin’ into the weekend 🙌

A post shared by Franklin (@sixersfranklin) on



A+ for content, F for social distancing.

Clearly, they need to work on that — but hopefully now you have some ideas to fill the days.

Stay safe out there, folks.

Pick some PPA violations and we'll tell you which Philly athlete you are

NBC Sports Philadelphia

Pick some PPA violations and we'll tell you which Philly athlete you are

Is there anything more Philly than a Philadelphia Parking Authority violation? 

There is no greater sadness than walking out to your car, spotting that slim white and blue envelope on the front window from the distance, and just knowing it signifies: they got you. 

To those of us whom have fought this long battle, we salute you. While the PPA may have temporarily suspended some of their violations, we know it's only a matter of time before they emerge back and stronger than ever.

So, we've decided to create this handy little quiz for you to determine your Philly athelete personality, depending on the type of violation you will likely recieve next.