If you weren't already absolutely livid at the lack of effort you saw from the Eagles yesterday, well, you probably shouldn't watch this replay of Zach Ertz not even attempting to block.

You may want to have your blood pressure medication handy just in case. Carson Wentz is running towards Ertz's side of the field with two Bengals coming directly towards him, a perfect opportunity to help out his quarterback.

And all you get is some matador dancing.

Coach Pederson was asked about the play in question at his Monday presser today. Doug will need to talk to Ertz about that one.

Ertz is something of an enigma among the Philly fanbase. He's the guy who is supposed to have a breakout season every season. And while he's certainly had games with plenty of catches, fans love to point out his lack of yards after the catch or plays where he seemingly mails it in.

The above GIF certainly doesns't help his cause.

As Seth Joyner said in the clip above following the game, many of the Birds looked like they'd rather be in the Bahamas.