You'd have guessed with 250,000 football fans passing through the Ben Franklin Parkway over the three days of the 2017 NFL draft that you would have seen mischievous behavior. Especially with all of that beer flowing like raw eggs in front of the Rocky steps.

But(t)... aside from that one fan who stuck their derriere on the Dallas Cowboys mannequin, there was very little in the form of fans behaving badly.

In fact, the Philadelphia police department said there were ZERO arrests at the draft proving once and for all that Philly sports fans are the most polite and well-behaved in the entire world. CSNPhilly confirmed with the Philadelphia Police Public Affairs office that zero number.

Case closed.

Or maybe the local police department was too busy having fun and jamming with the Eagles' drum line as you can see below.  

A Philly police spokesman told that there wasn't even a single citation issued. Thank goodness for so many of those port-a-potties on the Parkway!

And maybe there should have been at least one arrest. Case in point: