What Exactly Did Chip Kelly Do to Warrant NCAA Sanctions? Not Much

What Exactly Did Chip Kelly Do to Warrant NCAA Sanctions? Not Much

You no doubt have heard by now that the NCAA levied sanctions against the University of Oregon football program over recruiting violations between 2008 and 2011. You no doubt have heard this because the big story from the ruling locally was Eagles head coach Chip Kelly is prevented from returning to the Ducks or college football within 18 months of the penalty without first appealing to a Committee of Infractions – the so-called “show-cause penalty.”

It all sounds far worse than it actually is. For Oregon’s part, it’s nothing more than a slap on the wrist, or probation if you will. They lose one scholarship per year for each of the three years the violations occurred, which is a relatively small number. Plus, there was no bowl ban, and I don’t think three scholarships are going to derail that program.

As for Kelly, some might say an actual physical slap on the wrist actually would have been a stiffer penalty, as Jason B. did over at Bleeding Green Nation. The only way the show-cause penalty comes into play is if he quits the Eagles or is fired after one season. Seeing how much the organization wanted Kelly, they’ll definitely give him more than one year barring unforeseen and catastrophic circumstances. As for his running back to college, it could happen – as it did to Bobby Petrino with some years back – but Chip probably has too much pride for that. Even Steve Spurrier made it two seasons in the NFL.

So if Kelly does one day head back to college football with his tail between his legs, by then this whole thing will be behind him. Speaking of which, what is this whole thing about anyway? Recruiting violations is a vague term – that could be something as simple as sending too many text messages during the wrong time of year to a high school kid. They have some weird rules in that NCAA foosball.

Well, Chip didn’t really do anything at all. Apparently he wasn’t even directly involved with the violation that occurred. The coach’s only fault in this was his failure to monitor the activities of a staff member who improperly provided cash and lodging to recruits, which according to Ivan Maisel for ESPN.com, Kelly was unaware were taking place.

Chip Kelly met the NCAA announcement that it had banned him from college football for 18 months with characteristic straightforwardness. He didn't make excuses. He didn't blame someone else, even as the NCAA made clear that Kelly had been unaware that his staff had employed Willie Lyles in a manner not allowed by the NCAA manual.

As the NCAA made clear, Kelly committed none of the violations himself. His résumé may be smudged, but his hands are clean. Any athletic director who reads the infractions case will be able to go to his president and trustees and make a case for Kelly.

Maisel adds that Kelly accepts responsibility because, as the head coach put it himself while at Oregon years ago, “You can’t be a selective participant.” But as far as you or I or Ducks fans or the media or NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should be concerned, Chip is not the person who did wrong here.

With those facts in mind, it’s probably safe to assume this so-called scandal is not the reason Kelly bolted for the NFL, as it seems unlikely the NCAA would have suspended him had he stayed based on the rest of the toothless penalties here. And no, it’s not something Goodell needs to look into much deeper and stir up trouble over for the Eagles. Some rules were broken at the college level, although not by Kelly specifically – at least not knowingly – but he cooperated, accepted responsibility, and punishment was handed down. Nothing to see here it seems.

>> Chip Kelly owns up to mistakes [ESPN]

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Which Sixers player should represent the team in reported NBA2K players-only tournament?

Which Sixers player should represent the team in reported NBA2K players-only tournament?

NBA fans are desperate for entertainment. 

With the season on hiatus because of the coronavirus pandemic, the league is still aiming to provide some sort of distraction. According to Yahoo Sports’ Chris Haynes, the NBA is planning to have a players-only NBA2K tournament with representatives from each team, and hopes to launch the event on Friday. 

This report leads us to consider who might represent the Sixers.

Let’s rank the 15 players on the roster based on what we know about them as people, athletes and gamers. (This ranking is highly unscientific.) 

15. Al Horford — The oldest on the roster and a family man. Games don’t seem like Horford’s cup of tea.

14. Kyle O’Quinn — He prefers yoga

13. Zhaire Smith — Smith doesn’t often have a lot of downtime. “When I have an off day or something and I’m not doing anything, I’ll watch the Sixers. I try my best to watch them, but usually I’m busy,” he said in January.

12. Tobias Harris — You might remember what Mike Scott said about Harris in October: “He reads books.” That’s not to say reading and 2K are mutually exclusive, but Harris doesn't appear a likely candidate to be a great gamer. 

11. Furkan Korkmaz — Korkmaz spent a large chunk of this summer playing for Turkey in the FIBA World Cup and working on his game and conditioning. He can’t have taken much time sharpening whatever 2K abilities he has. 

10. Raul Neto — Neto’s a fashionable, polished guy. He could very well be an excellent gamer, but he doesn’t fit the stereotype.

9. Norvel Pelle — He found out that he was going to be converted to an NBA deal while watching a movie in his bed. Make of that what you will. 

8. Josh Richardson — As of two years ago, Richardson said he was “trash” at 2K. He at least plays and would probably have an idea of what he was doing. 

7. Matisse Thybulle — We saw Thybulle lose to the Suns’ Mikal Bridges on Friday night. Defense was, ironically, his Achilles heel. 

6. Glenn Robinson III — It’s a big stretch, but Robinson was on a young Warriors team for the first half of the season and might have some relatively recent reps against solid, young competition.

5. Alec Burks — Ditto with Burks. 

4. Shake Milton — This is mostly gut feel (not that the other rankings are much different). Whatever the competition, Milton's poise can’t hurt. 

3. Joel Embiid — Embiid was apparently good enough to crush Markelle Fultz. We’re not sure exactly how good that is, but it’s something. 

2. Mike Scott — Back in 2011, he claimed to sport a 21-3 online record in 2K. Though he said last year that he quit on the game because “they made me so trash up there,” he can’t have entirely lost those skills. 

1. Ben Simmons — Simmons is the Sixers’ most accomplished gamer by far and says he “can play any game.” He’s the clear pick unless there’s someone out there with a hidden talent. 

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