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Golf Central Live From the PGA Championship Notable Quotes
Tuesday, July 26 (primetime)
Baltusrol Golf Club, Springfield Township, N.J.

**Golf Central Live From the PGA Championship continues Wednesday at 9 a.m. ET and in primetime at 7 p.m. ET.**

On Jason Day’s absence thus far at Baltusrol this week
David Duval – “This is what goes with being World No. 1. He’s in a no-win situation… He made a decision which I applaud. The one thing he will need here is energy… I’ve got no problems with it because he believes that’s the best way he’s going to give himself a chance to win the golf tournament.”
Frank Nobilo – “It is out of character for Jason Day. Habitually he comes in almost the Friday before [a major week]. In the end he’s opting for Plan B… The break is a necessity, but it’s almost Hail Mary pass at the same time.”
Brandel Chamblee – “It certainly draws and raises some eyebrows.”

On Henrik Stenson
Chamblee – “It was a lifelong pursuit for him to get there but I think he’s got it all in perspective. I don’t think it’s going to change his life, but it may change the way people look at him going forward. If he brings any semblance of what he had on the greens [at The Open] here to Baltusrol, he’ll be very tough to beat.”
Duval – “He threw in a short game that was no less than brilliant, and putting that was probably better than that.”
Nobilo – “If he didn’t win [The Open] he would actually be on the tip of a lot of people’s tongues [this week]. Just the way it sets up, he doesn’t have to hit driver. Strong 3-wood, his ball flight into the greens. He should get a lot of opportunities.”

On Jordan Spieth
Nobilo – “It’s a little bit Curtis Strange-like in the late 80s where he was the best player in the world. Where it was minimizing mistakes, letting the putter do some damage, and wearing the rest of the field down. Which he’s extremely good at when he gets in front.”
Duval – “Yes, his ball striking is off. And you can only count on making so many 20 and 25-footers every day. I don’t think that there’s any reason to panic or reason to think he’s not going to win more majors. But the problem he has and may forever have is that he might have had his career year last year at the very beginning of his career… There’s no reason to hit the panic button, but he needs to cut himself some slack.”
Chamblee – “To some extent Jordan Spieth may be forever 2015 haunted… His ball striking is off. And where ball striking matters more than anywhere else is major championships.”

On Rory McIlroy
Chamblee – “He does look frustrated. His iron game is not as sharp as his driver. He’s not as sharp on the greens. But this is the type of golf course where he can use what he does off of the tee and it sets up the rest of his game.”
Duval – “He wants to stand up 14 times a round and hit driver because he knows if he does that and he’s driving it well he will probably win.”

On Phil Mickelson
Nobilo – “I wrote him off a few years ago when he told the world he has psoriatic arthritis. I thought he was done… He still almost has the same desire to play golf now as he did when he was in his 20s. To play as well as he did [at The Open] you’ve got to just tip your cap.”
Duval – “When you have the confidence and you have the belief in what you’re doing which he’s obviously regained this year, it’s a good thing… It’s a rejuvenation, it’s an excitement. But that’s almost what you need as a 45-year-old player. You need something new to grasp on to.”
Chamblee – “You’d be hard-pressed to find a noticeable change in his golf swing. He’s just so unbelievably optimistic… His desire has not eroded. His nerves certainly have not… As it relates to major championships where it matters most, Phil is a better play in major championships in his 40s than where he was when he was younger.”
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