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Podcast Will Feature Interviews and Tirico’s Takes on the Biggest News Across the Sports Landscape

Episodes to Be Released on Thursday Mornings – Listen to Episode One Now

Premiere Episode Features Interviews with Sunday Night Football Sideline Reporter Michele Tafoya and Sportswriter and Author Gary Myers

“He said, ‘My wife’s best line is, there are two really important things – maybe the most important things in life – timing and lighting.’” – Tafoya on her favorite Tom Brady production meeting moment

STAMFORD, Conn. – October 12, 2018 Mike Tirico and NBC Sports Radio have announced the launch of the The Mike Tirico Podcast, which will be available across all major podcast platforms beginning today.

The Mike Tirico Podcast is a weekly podcast with episodes debuting each Thursday morning, featuring Tirico’s takes on the biggest news across the sports landscape, including the NFL and college football, as well as interviews with sports commentators and athletes. The first episode of The Mike Tirico Podcast features interviews with Sunday Night Football sideline reporter Michele Tafoya and sportswriter and author Gary Myers. Click here to listen.

In the debut episode, Tafoya discusses the nuances of being a sideline reporter, including reporting on Texans DE J.J. Watt, what it’s like to be in a production meeting with Patriots QB Tom Brady and her favorite Brady production meeting anecdote. Tirico speaks with Myers about his new book, How ‘Bout Them Cowboys?, taking readers inside the huddle with the stars and legends of the Dallas Cowboys.

“I’m excited to get back in the podcasting world and add to the sports listening experience,” said Tirico. “I have always been a fan of longer form sports conversation and look forward to having great guests, especially from our NBC Sports family.”

“We’re thrilled to add The Mike Tirico Podcast to our growing podcast portfolio,” said Rob Simmelkjaer, SVP, NBC Sports Ventures. “Mike is one of the most respected and versatile voices in sports, and we look forward to hearing his unique perspectives and insightful interviews each week.”

The Mike Tirico Podcast will be available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher and podcasting apps.

Following are excerpts from Tirico’s interviews with Tafoya and Myers:


Tirico on Tom Brady in production meetings: “The production meetings that we talk about on TV – to me, Tom Brady’s are among the most fascinating. Of all of the people who sit at the table, you feel like Tom Brady kind of locks in for the 45 minutes and really gives you good stuff, even when he can’t give you everything.”

Tafoya on Brady in production meetings: “He gives you a lot of good stuff. He lets you into his life a little bit. The favorite line I ever got from Tom has nothing to do with football. He said, ‘My wife’s best line is, there are two really important things – maybe the most important things in life – timing and lighting.’ I couldn’t agree with her more.”

Tafoya on interviewing Watt: “I always come away from a J.J. Watt interview saying, ‘Boy, I hope my daughter brings home a J.J. Watt someday.’ He is just the best human. We all saw it in action when he rallied people to donate for (hurricane relief in) Houston last year. I think there’s a part of J.J. that when you sit in a production meeting with him, and they talk to you in a different voice. It’s not their TV voice. It’s not their ‘I’m in front of a camera’ voice…I wish people could see more of that, and we keep trying to do that.”

Tafoya on her preparation for Sunday Night Football: “I go in with this thick notebook of stuff…there’s nothing worse than feeling underprepared for a broadcast. I stay in Saturday nights, I prep all of these stories, I try to shape them into something meaningful that can fit into that 20-25 second window…you know maybe a couple of them will make air out of 15 or 20 that you have.”


Tirico on Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and family ownership: “You really get hit with the reminder that it’s a family business…that is where I find the most intrigue in Jerry Jones…the league was family businesses – the Rooneys, the Maras – the Dallas Cowboys became big-time business. Yet at the core of the success of the Cowboys, much like the Krafts in New England, it’s a family business.”

Myers: “I’ve called it a $5 billion mom and pop operation, and it really is.”

Myers on the Cowboys’ business acumen: “When they were at Valley Ranch, they got an MRI machine because they thought it would just be so much more convenient, although it wasn’t very cost efficient. They worked a deal with the local doctors in the area to send their patients to the Cowboys MRI machine. It was billed as, ‘You can get your MRI in the same machine that Tony Romo was laying down in just a few weeks ago.’ It became a very lucrative business situation for Jerry, renting out his MRI machine.”