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  1. WATCH: NASCAR America on NBCSN

    Rutledge Wood, Dale Jarrett and former NASCAR race director Dave Hoots will discuss this week’s storylines. Watch live on NBCSN and the NBC Sports app.

  2. WATCH: NASCAR America

    Rutledge Wood will be joined by Nate Ryan and AJ Allmendinger as they talk about the news of the day across NASCAR, IndyCar, IMSA and other racing series.

  3. ESPN adds Steve Levy, Louis Riddick to Week One MNF double-header

    To start each season, ESPN televises a pair of Monday night games. Which means that they need to have a second announcing team. This year, two new names will join the second team. ESPN has announced that Steve Levy, Brian Griese, and Louis Riddick will work the Broncos-Raiders game from the booth,...

    Mike Florio

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  1. Four Courses on a Real Racetrack

    Each of the rounds takes place on an unique course set on a real racetrack with host Rutledge Wood challenging contestants with trivia in rapid-fire succession while traveling at panic-inducing speeds.

1 - 5 of 89 Videos