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Antonio Conte slams Tottenham ‘situation': ‘I am not happy in the club’

Antonio Conte admitted Tottenham had to step back and assess the team's and his own performance after Spurs dropped more points against Burnley.

Antonio Conte took Wednesday’s post-game interview, following Tottenham’s 1-0 defeat away to 19th-place Burnley, as an opportunity to slam the club and its players, and, seemingly, suggest he would like to leave the club after just three and a half months.

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Below is a transcript of Antonio Conte’s post-game interview…

Antonio Conte post-match interview (video above)

A difficult night for you…

Antonio Conte: “It is a difficult night. In the last five games we lost four. It means there will be an assessment about the club, about me. Because I think for me it is very frustrating to lose four games in the last five. The situation is this. The situation speaks clear. I am really sorry for the fans. They don’t deserve this. When you lose four in the last five games you have to make an assessment, the club has to, to speak together and to understand which is the best solution.”

A meeting with the players? Management? What do you mean?

Antonio Conte: “The situation, the players are always the same. This club changes coaches but the players remain the same. But the result doesn’t change. I repeat, I am too honest to answer this type of situation. For sure we will make an assessment with the club because it is not right. It is not good for anybody to continue to lose. I can’t accept this. It is not good for no one.”

Are the players making the same mistakes that you’re losing?

Antonio Conte: “In this moment it isn’t important to speak about mistakes or other situations. The reality is that we lost four of the last five games. With this situation we have to fight for the relegation zone if we continue this way. I repeat, it will be important for everybody to understand very well the situation. Because for sure you have to make an assessment of the club first of all. I repeat I am available to the club for every decision. I come here to help the club but in this moment it is very difficult because I am not happy in the club and for me the situation is very frustrating.”

Do you feel like your message isn’t getting through? What is it that is not working?

Antonio Conte: “We are working very hard every day and for this reason the situation is very frustrating. When you work a lot, work hard and you see in the last five games you lose four, the minimum for me is this situation makes me frustrated a lot. Because I think for the work that we are doing I don’t deserve, we don’t deserve this. It is the reality. I am sorry because I don’t like this situation. We are trying to change but the reality is the last five games we’ve lost four times. Maybe the people has to make an assessment and the club is the first. I repeat, I am available for every decision to the club and to help the club Also because I am doing a lot for the club every day. But it is not enough. For this reason I think now is the right moment to make an evaluation for the club.”

Are you talking about your own personal situation? Your own future at the club?

Antonio Conte: “For sure you have to speak with the club because it is not normal for Tottenham to lose four out of five games. It is not normal. It is right to speak and have a conversation with the club and find the right solution to improve the situation. In this moment the situation is not good.”

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