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FIFA World Ranks are out – if you’re into that sort of thing


If I’m honest, I pay about as much attention to the FIFA world rankings as I do to high end hedge fund performance.

I’m a journalist. We don’t get paid much. So I wouldn’t know a high end hedge fund from a milkshake.

But if you’re into this sort of thing (FIFA world rankings, that is, not hedge funds), more power to you.

Personally, I cannot figure out why anyone would waste their time with them. Rankings in general are just for conversation, and I’m OK with that. But in this case, these are just scrambled eggs, rankings so detached from performance reality they aren’t even a decent starting point for a conversation.

At any rate, they’re out. The new ones, that is. Here they are. Or, just examine the Top Ten here:

  • 1. Spain
  • 2. Germany
  • 3. Uruguay
  • 4. Netherlands
  • 5. Portugal
  • 6. Brazil
  • 7. England
  • 8. Croatia
  • 9. Argentina
  • 10. Denmark
  • 20. Mexico
  • 29. United States
  • 75. Canada