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More upheaval at Chivas USA? ... You don’t say?

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Dear, Chivas USA

I regret to inform you that I have ceased attempting to make heads, tails, or anything in between with you organization.

Talented players come and go …

Potentially talented coaches get chewed up like beef jerky at a biker bar …

You score less than I did in junior high …

Management and marketing strategies slip in and out willy-nilly…

And as for who is in charge … well, who really knows? Especially as the house cleaning continues. This report that GM Jose Domene is out of a job is the latest not-so-shining example.

This conduct has caused supporter distress and, for me personally, more journalistic head-scratching than you really deserve.

We can perhaps re-visit this matter when you get yourself straightened out – and good luck with all that.