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Photo essay from the Portland Oregonian; well worth a look

Kindly permit me to list the reasons I love, love, love this breezy, exceptional photo essay from The Oregonian, collected during Monday’s Portland Timbers’ win over Philadelphia:

1. Every camera image, whether it’s a snapshot or a TV shot, seems to be better from Jeld-Wen Field. Not sure why. If anyone else is curious, let me know; I’ll get my best people on it.

2. Sunny days are wonderful for picnics, walking dogs and holding hands along the beach with that cutie from accounting you’ve been meaning to chat up. But the soakin’ wet stuff makes for better photography.

3. The work here is beautiful, quality stuff. Well done, guys.

4. I never miss a chance to see a shot of Timber Joey. I mean, the man has a chain saw! At a sporting event. How cool is that?

5. They just show you the freakin’ pictures; you don’t have to go through that ridiculous, smarmy click once per photo gambit that only a digital ad salesman could love.

Thanks to Bruce McGuire, a soccer man through and through, the very pride of Minneapolis, and his hard-crankin’ du Nord site for the tip on this one.