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Ronaldo on new movie: “They wanted the best player in the world”

Cristiano Ronaldo has a brand new movie (WATCH THE TRAILER HERE) — about Cristiano Ronaldo, of course — to promote, which means for the last few weeks he’s been doing the public relations tour all over the world, giving interviews to anyone who will have him.

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Most of them are of the generic variety in which the Real Madrid superstar says things like, “I’m honored to have a film made about my life,” “I owe so much to my family and teammates who have helped me reach this point,” and my personal favorite, “Lionel Messi is a brilliant footballer, too,” which is undoubtedly true, but you know it kills him inside just a little bit every time someone turns the spotlight away from him and onto his only peer.

Even through the thick glaze of PR spin, Ronaldo can’t help but champion himself the world’s best player when the opportunity presents itself. Take, for instance, his appearance this week on The Jonathan Ross Show, a popular interview talk show in the UK (above video), which gave us the following exchange between interviewer and subject:

JR: “Why do the film? Who came to you, how did the film “Ronaldo” happen, and what was it that made you want to do it?”

CR: “When Universal (Studios) came to me and my team, and said, ‘I’m interested in doing a commentary about you,’ in the beginning I was in shock. I said, ‘A movie about me?’

JR: “You thought, ‘Why me? Why not Lionel Messi?’

CR: “Because they are looking for the best player in the world.” [wide, sheepish smile]

All in good fun and the name of selling movie tickets, of course. As for his actual relationship with Messi, Ronaldo is adamant that a rivalry doesn’t exist between himself and his Barcelona counterpart. He even went so far as to call their current relationship “good.”
“I don’t have rivals. We have a normal relationship. We have shared the [Ballon d’Or] stage at FIFA for eight years. No one has done that in the past, it’s only us. So I have a good relationship with him. He plays for one club, I play for another club; he wants the best for him, I want the best for me. … We are not home friends, but we respect each other.”

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