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Wherein I call a truce with Red Bull star Rafa Marquez, and wonder about Luke Rodgers

2011 Casita Maria Fiesta!

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 04: Soccer player Rafa Marquez attends the 2011 Casita Maria Fiesta! at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on November 4, 2011 in New York City. (Photo by Charles Eshelman/Getty Images)

Getty Images

You want a front-row seat on some drama? In New Jersey? Yeah, you could turn to Snooki and Jionni and the other chuckleheads as the made-for-TV drama unfolds, girls flashing their baby makers and risking life and limb by running over cobblestone streets in absurd footwear.

But reality TV depresses me – mostly because the boffo ratings make me fear mightily for mankind. Seriously, people, how can you watch this reality TV stuff?

So I turn to Red Bull Arena for my fix of Jersey drama. And there’s plenty afoot.

Will Luke Rodgers get back into the country? We should know more today! So says Hans Backe, according to this story by Frank Giase of the Star-Ledger.

And what of Rafa Marquez? Will he carry incendiaries into the locker room, looking to set more of those potentially destructive fires? Red Bulls Sporting Director Erik Soler is promising his Mexican international will behave. That’s according to this article from the Sporting News’ Brian Straus.

“He wants to come back and show everybody what the real Rafa is and we want him to do it. I’m absolutely convinced you’ll see a very different Rafa Márquez, and he’s such a good player and he can be key for the rest of the team to develop in the direction we want to develop,” Soler said.

Two things:

Soler is listed officially as Sporting Director/General Manager. We don’t have “Sporting Directors” here. Well, maybe we do, but any “Sporting Directors” are in elementary schools, also known as “gym coaches,” working under otherwise benevolent egghead principles who have never played a day of sports in their lives and therefore don’t know what to properly call the men and women who oversee PE.

Mr. Soler, please see me about this matter at your convenience. I hear we’ll be in the same town this weekend.

Also, I’ve just this moment decided to officially call a truce on Marquez. I’ve beat up the guy pretty good over the last few months. I think most reasonable folks can agree that he deserved it. But my breakfast shake was delicious and has left me in a good mood. And besides, we all know about forgiving us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespassed against us and such.

So I’m putting away the rap sheet; he deserves a clean slate for 2012. But do know this, Mr. Marquez, as you prep for the season and the rest of your team preps for Sunday’s first kick: I’ve got my eye on you.