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Why won’t England let Mario Balotelli have his pet pig Super?



Of course, the answer to the headline’s question is easy: disease-testing and such. But that isn’t making Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli content, as the Reds attacker is without his beloved pig, Super.

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The report from The Sun says Balotelli got the pictured pig in August of 2013 while at AC Milan, but English law says Balotelli has to register as a breeder and get a clean bill of pig health from Italy before Super can come to Mario.

From The Sun:

‘His (Balotelli’s) transfer from Milan took less time (than getting the pig to Britain).

‘He’s bent the ear of the people in the office, everyone. The lads have got to hear about it and the swines are giving him loads.

‘He just laughs it off and talks about what great pets pigs are.’

I got nothing. Britain, let Mario have his pig already.

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