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Will claiming soccer as your religion get you off work during the World Cup?

Brazil fans

Every soccer zealot dreams of having a month off work so they can watch the World Cup unhampered by such menial tasks as responding to email or chatting with the boss. It’s an event that comes around but once every four years, so you’d think companies would be more generous, allowing long lunch breaks or even full days away to watch your country’s team pursue glory.

Especially in Brazil, for goodness sakes.

But turns out that, even in the country hosting the World Cup, workers are expected to input data into spreadsheets rather than devote their full attention to the Seleção. So a company called Cerveja Foca came up with an ingenious plan: register futebol as a religion in Brazil, and then, in order not to run afoul of laws respecting religious freedom, companies will be forced to give employees time off to watch the game.

Here’s Cerveja Foca promoting this devious plan:

Just one problem: Brazil has no such law that requires companies to provide paid leave to those observing religious holidays, nor do the country’s labor laws permit religious observation as a reason to take time off work.

In other words, this is just a (rather clever) marketing campaign. But what of the suckers that visit the Cerveja Foca website, submitting a form that is meant to prompt the brewer into sending a request for time off to the worker’s company? Wouldn’t that make viewers angry, actually turning them off the idea of buying Foca beer?

Apparently, there’s enough mistakes in the website and text to convince any Portuguese speaker that the brewery isn’t serious. Pretty high standards, Brazil has. Even if they won’t let employees take time off to watch their beloved futebol.

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