AP Pro32 ballot from Brown


Ballot and comments from AP Pro 32 panel voter Clifton Brown of Sporting News:

Week 14

CLIFTON BROWN (Sporting News)

1. New England Patriots - Have great chance for first-round bye after clinching AFC East.

2. San Francisco 49ers - The quarterback saga will make their stretch run interesting.

3. Denver Broncos - Peyton Manning's first season as a Bronco is going just fine.

4. New York Giants - Despite their recent struggles, history favors a strong finish.

5. Houston Texans - Had impressive win in Chicago. Can they get one in New England?

6. Atlanta Falcons - Banking win after win all season, the No. 1 seed should be theirs.

7. Baltimore Ravens - This team is good, but needs to find another level to be great.

8. Chicago Bears - Loss to Seattle and tough closing schedule could cost Bears the division.

9. Cincinnati Bengals - Hitting stride at the right time - a young team gaining confidence.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers - Defense and Charlie Batch and can still deliver when Steelers need it.

11. Green Bay Packers - Best football could be ahead if they get healthier in December.

12. Washington Redskins - Robert Griffin III keeps raising possibilities for the Redskins.

13. Seattle Seahawks - Are the Seahawks ever glad they believed in Russell Wilson.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Greg Schiano has laid a foundation for success in his first season.

15. Indianapolis Colts - All things considered, Reggie Wayne may be having best year.

16. New Orleans Saints - Was that Drew Brees throwing five picks? Looked like imposter.

17. Dallas Cowboys - Tony Romo and the Cowboys face another crucial December.


18. Minnesota Vikings - The brilliant Adrian Peterson deserves to play on a contender again.

19. St. Louis Rams - A solid first season together for Jeff Fisher and Sam Bradford.

20. San Diego Chargers - Playing out the string, this team has more talent than it has shown.

21. Miami Dolphins - Finishing second in division is a nice goal for Ryan Tannehill and mates.

22. Detroit Lions - Close defeats have ruined their year. They have soul searching to do.

23. Buffalo Bills - Stringing good games together is a challenge they need to conquer.

24. Cleveland Browns - Progress has been made progress, but will Pat Shurmur get to stay?

25. Carolina Panthers - Cam Newton has shouldered blame, but there's plenty to go around.

26. New York Jets - Is anyone surprised that their quarterback situation got messy?

27. Kansas City Chiefs - Have to feel for this franchise, dealing with a tragic situation.

28. Arizona Cardinals - Not having a reliable quarterback has sunk this organization.

29. Philadelphia Eagles - This is a bad scene, with losses mounting and coaches leaving.

30. Tennessee Titans - Instead of going forward, this team has taken a step back.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars - It will be an interesting offseason that cannot come soon enough.

32. Oakland Raiders - General manager Reggie McKenzie expected this to be a challenge. It is.



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