NEW YORK (AP) Comments on the San Diego Chargers by the AP Pro32 panel (ranking in parentheses):



Chris Berman (ESPN, 21) - Should sign Trevor Hoffman to close games.

Clifton Brown (Sporting News, 20) - Playing out the string, this team has more talent than it has shown.

Cris Collinsworth (NBC Sports, 24)

Rich Gannon (CBS Sports/SiriusXM NFL Radio, 21) - Rivers is not the same player (11 fourth-quarter turnovers/most in NFL) and Norv and AJ are done.

Bob Glauber (Newsday, 25) - There's just no end to how many ways the Chargers can find to lose games. Philip Rivers' late-game interception in the endzone was just the latest.

Rick Gosselin (Dallas Morning News, 26) - The Chargers and Lions are tied for the most disappointing team of 2012. Both fancied themselves as Super Bowl contenders but both sit 4-8 here in December.

Clark Judge (, 27) - Another fourth-quarter lead. Another Philip Rivers turnover. Another heartbreaking loss. Welcome to Groundhog Day.

Ira Kaufman (Tampa Tribune, 24) - It's all over for Norv Turner, and you can tell he knows it.

Pat Kirwan (SiriusXM NFL Radio/, 21) - It hurts to see a good coach and solid QB wind up with the record the Chargers will finish with in 2012. Frustration rules the day in San Diego.

John Lynch (Fox Sports, 23) - Another fourth-quarter lead for the Chargers and another blown fourth quarter lead for the Chargers. Their inability to finish will likely lead to a very different Chargers team next season.

Alex Marvez (, 25) - A piece of advice for Chargers fans: Watch only the first three quarters of every game because the fourth will leave you heartbroken. A 20-13 loss to Cincinnati was the latest example.


Dan Pompei (Chicago Tribune, 25) - Anyone who weighs 300 pounds or more, please contact A.J. Smith for an offensive line tryout.


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