Arthur Jones wants Silva vs. Bones


Arthur Jones wants Silva vs. Bones

Fairfax, VA.-UFC events have become the 'IT' event for celebrities. Star-studded affairs. The New York Fashion Week of the sports world, if you will. The perimeters of the Octagon is THE place to see, but more importantly to BE seen. Strike that. With MMA, the fandom runs deeper. Those close enough to the cage to get a 'blood sprinkle with a chance of showers,' is arguably a fan.UFC on Fuel TV 3, The Korean Zombie vs. Dustin Poirier, at the Patriot Center was no exception. Nationals, rookie stud, Bryce Harper, who was coming off his first 2 career homeruns, was in attendance. He was by his teammate, pitcher, Edwin Jackson and NASCAR driver, Kevin Hardvick was in attendance.Art Jones has a slightly more vested interest in the sport. The defensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens is the older brother of Jon 'Bones' Jones, the current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and undoubtedly the face of the UFC.Although, Art's little bro was not at the fight, the DT came on his own accord, saying, "It was awesome. It was exciting, you know, a lot of great fights. I enjoy watching Cowboy is my boy, great turn out too."Giddyup! Art has love for CowboyDonald Cerrone, but what about Jonny? Bringing it closer to home, Art had some thoughts on Jon's next opponent, Dan Henderson, "It's a major match-up, you know, Hendo is a guy you can't really sleep on, he's old but he's very explosive and he has knockout power so Jon just has to stick to the gameplan and everything's going to be ok."On Jon's strategy, Art noted that he thinks his brother's advantage over Hendo will be his, "Youth and his ability to be creative. Jon is a hard guy to study for a fight and I think just his mindset and how he moves is going to be tough for him Hendo."While Hendo v. Jones is sure to be an explosive fight, a Jon Jones v. Anderson Silva showdown continues to intrigue, but does Art think it's a possibility?"Absolutely not. They're great friends and they have mutual respect. I know Jon doesn't want to hurt their friendship, you know, like how he did with RashadEvans, so, you know, I don't think it will ever happen," Art paused as a smile spread across his face, laughing he added, "I wouldn't mind seeing it though."

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Toronto Raptors star Kawhi Leonard out against Wizards

Toronto Raptors star Kawhi Leonard out against Wizards

The Wizards will catch a break on Saturday night when they host the Toronto Raptors in the second game of their regular season, as Raptors superstar Kawhi Leonard is being held out due to rest.

Leonard, who has been dominant so far for the 2-0 Raptors, is being limited in back-to-backs after he missed 73 games last season due to a quadriceps injury. The Raptors played the night before against the Celtics.

With Leonard out, the Raptors will likely rely on C.J. Miles and O.G. Anunoby at the small forward position. Shooting guard Delon Wright is also out with a shoulder injury.

Though Leonard and Wright are out of the mix, Toronto still has plenty of talent including All-Star point guard Kyle Lowry. Lowry is averaging 21 points, seven assists and 3.5 rebounds through two games. 

Serge Ibaka has been their third-leading scorer with 15 points per game to go along with 6.5 rebounds. They also acquired Danny Green in the Leonard deal and he's off to a strong start with 12.5 points and five rebounds per game.

Leonard's absence may be noticed more on the defensive end, as he is one of the best in the NBA on the perimeter. That could make things a bit easier for Bradley Beal and Otto Porter Jr.

The Wizards and Raptors next play on Nov. 23. That game is in Toronto.



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'It's a house divided': The Redskins-Cowboys rivalry is affecting these 'Skins' families

'It's a house divided': The Redskins-Cowboys rivalry is affecting these 'Skins' families

Zach Brown is a fearless player. Turns out, Zach Brown's dad is pretty fearless, too.

That first statement is one you can confirm by watching the Redskins linebacker play each time he takes the field, often times hurt.

The second statement, on the other hand, was confirmed earlier this week in an interview between Brown and JP Finlay about the Washington-Dallas rivalry.

"It got under our skin, knowing we got swept by them [last year]," the defender told Finlay after a weekday practice. "You just hate to go back home and hear them talk so much trash."

The leader of the brave "them" who actually taunt a 250-pound LB following a loss? Oh, just Brown's father, who's a diehard Cowboys supporter.

"My dad was giving it to me," he said while looking back on the 2017 season. "I said, 'Don't worry about it. Next year's gonna be a different movement.'"

"I'm gonna talk trash at the end of this season," Brown added. "It's a house divided."

Adrian Peterson knows what Brown's talking about. The Texas native even went as far as to break down exactly how his own house is divided.

According to him, 75-percent of his family are all about the Cowboys, 10-percent are looking for him to put up good numbers in a 'Boys victory and the final 15-percent have converted to the burgundy and gold.

Rookie corner Greg Stroman can relate as well. The Virginia kid who'll be making his debut in the series he's very familiar with said his grandma and her relatives fall on both sides of the matchup.

Stroman does have one advantage over Brown and Peterson, though. Unlike the two veterans, he was able to get his entire family's rooting interests in order for Sunday, at least.

"They all bought in now," he said.

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